Correlation between foot size and... other size

Yep, some days are better than others. I agree with ya, groman.

There’s no accurate way to get a good measurement, unless you take it several times under different circumstances.

My feet are relatively short but quite wide.

But I don’t think that corresponds very well with other parts of my anatomy.

That explains the big red grin.

I wear size 12 shoes and have a size 7 willy, so no, there is no correlation.

There was an IgNobel Prize handed out for a research paper on this subject. A photo of the award ceremony shows the panel of Nobel prizewinners on stage all wearing lab-coats and size 18 shoes. :smiley:

You’ll have to fight me for it.

Seriously though, if foot size correlated with other size, wouldn’t that make it impossible for women to have feet?

Absolutely not! In the female of the species, foot size correlates directly to vaginal size; smaller feet = tighter vagina. In fact, this is precisely why some asian cultures practiced foot binding on females. A “tighter” appearance would bring a much larger dowery for the prospective bride.

PLEASE NOTE - All facts in the above response were made up on the spot, out of whole cloth, and bear no relation to reality. But it sounds good, no?

Really? I didn’t realize that. I could work myself into an 85 percenter right now, just by thinking about it. Thirty seconds of alone time would take care of the other 15%.

That he sounds that way because he is standing on it.

I was gonna respond earlier, but I had trouble typing. My huge feet keep getting in the way.:wink:

What about guys whose feet stink particularly bad?

Hey, couldn’t they just, I don’t know, inject some adrenaline on the test subjects, so that the blood gets pumping faster? That way they would keep a strong erection for quite a while, I think.

It is a myth, unless drooping cartlidge counts as ‘growing’. Same is true for one’s nose. Pretty much like the ear cartlidge, it is drooping more than actually growing.


It’s boob size. I have giant feet so I stop from tipping over.

My husband’s home, so I made him stretch out his thumb and index finger and measure it against his penis length. Soft, it’s more than halfway. I made him stop and put it away or I’d never get the packing done.


I’ve been studying this up close and personal for many years, and I’m sad to report that there isn’t a correlation… But any guys out there that want to prove I’m wrong are more than welcome to get in touch. :smiley:

Also let’s not forget influences such as cultural/ethnic heritage. Studies show that Polish men have the longest penises and Native Americans have the widest.


Tonto Palowski

I heard it was the short, round, balding guys that were actually the best-endowed… [new rumor starting - please pass it along]


Well, I have small feet so I would have to say that it’s a phallic fallacy.