Correlation between foot size and... other size

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Sometimes the Google algorithms have a brain fart

Same thing here. In fact, I still clearly remember the first time I did it with a partner, almost 3 decades ago now. I was surprised at seeing the size of that monster! It made an impression that lasts to this day. (In the wall. I was a clumsy teener.)

But seriously, getting it up via self manipulation vs becoming ready to penetrate a lover seems to make a difference in my size. A small difference, but still, it is noticable.

Ditto Sideshow Bob

There is no correllation between foot sizes or penis sizes. This myth was started back in ancient greek times, and persists to this day. Statues of aphrodite and apollo were created using certain ratios which the greeks liked. And they made thier statues agree with these ratios as completly as possible. And that is all.

Why do I get the feeling that you have the smallest feet in town?


Oh, now don’t be too hasty, vetbridge. Perhaps Ficer 67 has researched a great many sets of feet and penises. We don’t know yet, without a cite. Perhaps Ficer 67 can flesh out his assertions. Let’s not be so quick to whip out our, uh, tape measures, or spring to any conclusions.

An old gardener’s joke says that Dolly Parton’s tiny feet never grew much, because they were in the shade all the time.

Not entirely off-topic: Does anyone know whether gay men have larger feet than straight men? We supposedly have slightly larger penises (on average), and if we also have larger feet, that would prove a correlation.


Huh. I do have stubby fingers. :smiley:

Are you sure it’s not just relative perspective, and that she has smaller hands? :wink:

So what’s Greek for “The bigger the feet, the bigger the meat”?

Or for that matter, “The bigger the nose, the bigger the hose”?

As panache45 woke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous web-footed duck.