Corrupt Juvie Court Judges

These two juvenile court judges are accused of getting kickbacks from private detention facilities for harsh sentences they imposed on their charges. Weirdly, the kicking back private detention facility operators don’t seem to be charged.

I am disgusted.

They took months and years from the lives of hundreds and possibly thousands of people for no reason than their own financial gain, without a thought as to who they were hurting, and whose trust in the justice system they were shattering.

And they only get seven fucking years for that. Bull. Shit. They should spend every moment of what life they have left behind bars. They should be forced to pull whatever strings they can to get the kids they hurt into decent colleges. Every penny of the money they made and every cent of their savings, no matter where it came from, should go to those kids.


Fucked up beyond words. The sad thing is that these kids didn’t know their rights, and many didn’t have counsel at their trials.

All of their property should be seized and distributed among these kids. And they should spend every day that they sent a kid to a correctional facility behind bars.

How the hell do people live with themselves after pulling this kind of shit? :mad::mad::mad:

And I don’t have to give it my usual “innocent until proven guilty” crap since they are going to plead guilty this week. I’d love to be the sentencing judge on that one. I’d say, to hell with the deal, you are getting the book and give them the maximum sentence and let them whine.

What the hell? Three months for making a webpage lampooning an assistant principal? What crime was she charged with?

This is just evil to so great a degree that attempts to amplify it in words paradoxically only serve to diminish it.

I am, however, curious. One of the judges sent a letter to his fellows saying he has disgraced himself, etc, yet he says he didn’t take kick-backs. What the…? If there are no kickbacks, what did he do? He is pleading guilty to fraud - what is the fraud in the absence of kickbacks? I am puzzled.

I smell some big-ass civil cases coming.

As Noel suggested, any attempt to express outrage at this really doesn’t do justice to how awful it is. I am (and this is a rare occurrence) dumbstruck.

Just wanted to note:

I’m pretty sure this investigation will lead to charges, especially with the judges pleading guilty.

Wow. I work at a juvenile detention center and I can’t even imagine our admin going to the judges to work out some kind of deal. Of course, we are overseen by the county and the state, and not a private company. Plus our admin has ethics.

And as for the judges…there are no words for how despicable this is.

You know, the district attorney had to be somewhat complicit in this as well. how did these kids get sent before any judge without a case being created by the district attorney’s office? They decide which charges should be pursued. Well, at least in my county they are.

Well, that’s probably because you and your coworkers work for the county.

Privatization of institutions that work on their own–be it of the military, or Social Security–usually ends up like this.

What I don’t understand is the mea culpas.

What was it that suddenly changed their mind about their actions? That they got caught? (“I did a terrible thing. I got caught.”)

I’m sure some lawyerly type will be in here shortly to correct me, but I don’t think playing the victim is going to work here. The man participated, and knew that he was in violation of the law every time a kickback kid walked into the facility.

Even if it does, the man’s a fucking coward. There are times in your life when you have to stand the hell up and be a man. This would be one of those times.

Not to hijack this too much, but I find this to be a very strong argument against libertarianism.

Pepsi Presents Juvenile Hall?

Enron Middle School?

Haliburton Police Department?

No thanks.

IANAL but I agree, this excuse won’t fly. What could the judges do to him if he refused to go along with their crooked scheme? Victim, my ass.

Send his kids to Juvenile Hall, I guess.

The Funny thing that set this off was A riot at the juvie center n June of 07. We’ve been dealing withe fallout up here the last few weeks and The fact that another judge was stripped of her position for corruption charges has left the benches very empty.

And yes, i’d want these guys to serve everyday of their lives in maximum security against some of the people they sentenced, But I’ll take them no longer being in a position of power, penniless when they get out(No pensions for those fuckers) and The fact that no one will be in their late 60’s and early 70’s when they get out is consolation enough.

Not all advocates of libertarianism want to privatize functions like the ones you listed.

In any case, while the enticement came from the private sector, the public sector judge was the one who created the problem.

I’d set the judges’ sentence, by the way, at the cummulative amount of time of the people they sentenced served plus 1 day, assuming assraping them to death wouldn’t be legal.

Good and valid points.

Yes, but Libertarians have to keep in mind that the profit motive does create situations like this. If you have a system where everyone has a profit interest you’ll see a lot more of this. That’s why the government has a valid role - it’s a disinterested party which has no profit stake in the outcome of the decisions it oversees. So you need a balance: private businesses competing to create the best ideas and government oversight to make sure nobody is cheating.

Interesting theory - I had no idea Rod Blagojevich was a libertarian.


Reminds me of Max Barry’s Jennifer Government. A great read, it’s about a future libertarian/ultra-capitalist U.S. where everything is privatized and people take on the names of the companies they work for as surnames (i.e. “John Nike”).