Corrupted/screwed up Smart Card - image recovery?

A Smart Card I’ve been using for some time in an Olympus digital camera has become “damaged” - meaning that both the camera and a separate card reader do not recognize the images on it (the camera gives me a mysterious error message and the card reader erroneously thinks that the card needs to be formatted, which would erase the 100+ images stored on it). There is no visible physical damage to the card.

I’ve tried using recovery freeware from PC Inspector but this does not retrieve any usable images.

Does anyone know of any (free or inexpensive) software or recovery service that might help recover the images on this card?


Others you can try:
Smart Flash Recovery
eIMAGE Recovery

The first one’s freeware, and seems to be pretty popular, and the second one costs $27 to buy, but has a free trial. Presumably, the free trial will go so far as to say “I’ve found files. Buy me if you want to recover them.” - a common trial tactic.

Once you recover whatever you can, get a new card. They’ve gotten cheap and they do have a finite number of read/write cycles before they start going goofy.

I had the same problem with my Smart Card (maybe it’s really a Dumb-ass Card) last week, and astro turned me onto this:

They apparently have a free trial download so you can see if you can recover your images before you buy. That was not available for the Mac version, so I bit the bullet and paid $40 anyway, and the software worked like a charm. Well worth it.

I second card recovery. It works great!