Corsair + Intel PC?

It occured to me that you can now build a PC out of nothing but Corsair (Memory, Case, Power Supply) and Intel (CPU, motherboard, SSD). My stepfather wants a PC built for his business, so I was actually thinking about doing so.

Also, I was thinking about using an Ivy Bridge i3 3225 because it has the 4000 graphics. How’s that going to compare to the Sandy Bridge i5 2500K I put into my desktop last year?

Yes, even the CPU cooler can be a Corsair! However, for the truly pedantic, it breaks down a little - Corsair PSUs are built by Channel Well or Seasonic, for example. Oh well.

Anyway, the 4000 is a significant leap from the 3000.

Actually I was going to use a boxed processor with the Intel cooler. It may not be the greatest but this is for someone that streams Netflix and buys junk on eBay while waiting for customers to show up, not someone who plays Mass Effect deathmatches. I suppose if you want to be picky Corsair doesn’t make their own Ram chips either.

Seriously, are low end Corsair power supplies, the ones made by Channel Well, OK or should I stick with the Antec ones I’ve used for my last half dozen or so builds? Again, as long as it’s not going to blow up we’ll be happy…

I don’t think it’s bifurcated between high-end and low-end, I believe the whole line is mixed between the two. But both the Channel Well and Seasonic units are good, I wouldn’t worry.

FWIW: I’ve used Antec PSUs for a long time. My latest is a Corsair.

Don’t know if I’d trust a PC with just an SSD, plus the limited size. How much data will this PC need to hold?

I’m trying to keep the price at $600.00. I have a 60 gig as a primary drive for my home computer and it’s getting uncomfortably full even with only OS related stuff so I was thinking a 120 Gig drive should be enough for everything for him. He might try to run some sort of dealer software on it, but it’s not going to be a dumping ground for thousands of digital photos.

Digital photos wouldn’t matter anyway, as they tend to be around a couple megabytes at most. It’s video and software that tends to take you beyond the 100 GB barrier.