Cosmic Convergence: Linguist Dopers/Comic Book Geeks. UNITE!!

One of my favorite comic book characters is Captain Marvel.

I’ve been wondering–what do they call the Captain in other countries?

In Japan?

In France?







There’s gotta be some international comic websites out there somewhere.

Actually, I’ve been to several foreign countries, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen DC Comics (who’s held the rights to Captain Marvel since the 70s, IIRC) in the stores. Usually, the only American characters I’ve seen are from Marvel and Disney.

(I can tell you that in Italy, Spider-Man is “Lumino Ragne” and in Spain, he’s…um…Spider-Man. No, not “Spider-Hombre.” Just Spider-Man.)

And according to Spider-man Vs Wolverine, in Germany he’s called “Die Spienne”…at least thats what they stamp on the back of Spider-Man costumes there anyway.

And now back to your regularly scheduled OP that’s too difficult for me to answer…

I vaguely remember picking up a comic in South America where they just called him Shazam like they do over here nowadays. But that was a while ago.