Costas, NOW

Anybody catch Bob’s new show on HBO? I just got sucked into it this morning. I was looking for about 5 minutes of entertainment while I smoked a butt, and found myself glued to the set for the entire hour. (No commercials helped.)

The stories were:

  • Larry Brown interview about the Cavs fiasco (very good)
  • NBA story about the minimum age controversy (fascinating, possibly biased)
  • Panel discussion with Mark Cuban, Tom Brokaw, and Phil Simms (decent)
  • Reggie Miller interview (excellent)
  • Story about Payne Stewart’s son and Lee Jansen (very good, minimal pandering)
  • Commentary about the new boxing movie with Russel Crowe (interesting)

I was quite impressed. I like Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, but often feel it drags and fails to make obscure stories interesting. Mostly pacing issues, I think.

This new Costas show has the same feel as Real Sports, but had (IMO) far better pacing and a knack for digging up interesting points. Also, the clips they used in the later pieces were excellent at bolstering the narrative.

I hated Costas’ last show, the one that was a hybrid of sports and pop culture. This one is back to all sports, all the time, and it is obvious Bob is back in his element. I’m glad he once again has a vehicle for his thoughts; I don’t need to hear him talk about steroids in baseball on Inside the NFL anymore.

So if you haven’t seen it, and are a sports fan, check it out. I believe it’s a monthly show, so there’s plenty of times to catch it. The easiest times to see it are Saturday at 10:00am and Sunday at 11:00am. I highly recommend it.

Anybody else have any impressions?

Oh, one annoying kink they need to work out: at one point in the panel discussion, while Brokaw was talking, what sounded like a conversation between production assistants was bleeding through the sound feed, and it clearly distracted Tom, though he’s far too experienced to let it derail him. I’m hoping that was just “first show jitters” that will get ironed out by next month.