Cotto vs Margarito II

Watching Cotto/Margarito’s first fight, knowing about the loaded gloves controversy that was to happen, it is simply a heart-breaking match (speaking as a huge Cotto fan). Cotto was undefeated to that point and to think that that was ruined by Margarito’s most likely illegal handwraps really really sucks. I don’t think he’s really been the same since that fight. I say most likely because that was Margarito’s biggest fight of his career up to that point (the illegal wraps discovered in his next match) and how quickly he bloodied up Cotto despite not landing that many shots really says something. I know Cotto’s chin ain’t the best but I don’t think that means he bleeds easier than anyone else. His wife and kids are seen crying at the end of match. I realize there’s no way to prove or disprove that Margarito used loaded gloves that fight but if he did, what a rat bastard.
Which is why I’m really looking forward to their next fight. Cotto definitely seems to taking this fight very personally (reasonably so), which says a lot because he’s usually a very cool cat. He refused to fight anywhere but NYC, and has explicitly stated that he will show no mercy, which probably means he’s going to go for Margarito’s bad eye. But Margarito has an ungodly chin, so there’s a good chance it’ll go the distance but not if his eye craps out on him before that.
I do hope Cotto KOs (or TKO more likely) Margarito without leaving him half blind, but I also do think Cotto’s lost some of his edge so I’m not going to be too hasty in my predictions.
In whatever case, it’s going to be an exciting fight, especially with all this drama in addition to the Puerto Rico/Mexico rivalry.

Anyone else looking forward to this fight?

I’m so looking forward to watching Cotto get his revenge. I was trying to score tickets, but I couldn’t find any decent seats for less than $375. A bit too steep for me, so I will watch at a sports bar.

After the first fight, I turned into a Margarito fan. I thought he showed such courage coming back after getting beat down so early. He sure had me fooled. You’re probably alot more courageous when you know your gloves will shortly turn into cement.

And it’s not often one praises Mayweather and his camp. But they suspected something and caught him red-handed…no pun intended. If it wasn’t for them, Margarito might be a dirty champ today.

That said, I hope that Cotto stays disciplined, and doesn’t let emotions supercede his strategy. Margarito is still an exceptional fighter with a strong chin.

It was Mosley and his trainer, Richardson, that caught Margs out. Not Mayweather.

I think a 12 round distance would be perfect for Cotto as a fight at MSG is more likely to go his way, the judges are often swayed by the overwhelming Puerto Rican majority in the crowd.

As for the actual fight, Cotto needs to stay off the ropes this time round. If he works a stiff jab and head-body combinations he can hope to gain a huge lead on the cards, whilst avoiding the continual forward moving onslaught that Margarito will be looking to bring.

I’ll be cheering for Miguel (as I imagine most will).

Thanks. I somehow mentally confused them.

I may lay a good amount on Cotto. He’s at -190. The question is whether it’s a certainty that Margarito was using doctored wrappings, and whether they had a significant impact on Cotto’s face. I’m betting yes since Cotto’s never looked that bad at the end against anyone else. Cotto was still landing the cleaner shots throughout the first fight. I don’t think Cotto can knock him out, but he should dominate on the scorecard.

I’m thinking either this or stoppage in the later rounds. Maybe I’m overestimating Margarito’s bum eye but I think it’s important to note that this fight came dangerously close to not happening because of it. Cotto’s a fairly accurate puncher and Margarito’s not the most elusive of targets so if Miguel comes into the ring with the intention to do harm, like he said he is, a TKO’s not out of the quesiton.

The NYSAC is noted for its strict rulings regarding health so I can’t decide just how bad Margarito’s eye is. There have been so many conflicting stories in the media.

I think a TKO is a definite possibility as the wear and tear on Margarito (particularly, as has been said, on his face) may play a part, but I think that if the fight is stopped it is most likely going to be for Margarito. I can’t see a decision going any other way than for Cotto. Not only is he the better, smarter boxer, likely to work in flurries to win the rounds but he is also fighting in NY which is a big factor.

Completely agree that this is hard to call because of the unknown variable that is the wraps. Without knowing whether or not they were loaded (and I believe they were) we cannot really know until the night!

Not the slugfest we were all probably hoping for but a Cotto victory nevertheless.
I think Cotto did a good job boxing and my prediction of a TKO in the later rounds (round 9) came true. A bit underwhelming considering all the build up but a respectable match, I thought it was.

Kind of wondering what’s next for both of them. Cotto could probably go on to fight other big names, but Margarito I’m not so sure about. Not much of a villain if you’re just going to get your ass handed back to you.