Could a (good) Phantom movie be made?

I’ve seen the Billy Zane flick, and it was horrible. But superhero films and rebooting them are hot right now. So could The Ghost Who Walks be made into a good film? The purple suit might have to be remade…

It could be done…but not in one movie.
First movie would be a period piece concerning the origin of the Phantom in 1536 and the creation of his base of operations. Second movie could take place in the 18th or 19th century, and would deal with the spreading of the legend of The Man Who Cannot Die. The third movie would be modern day.

They made good movies out of Charlie’s Angels, 21 Jump Street, and the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyworld. So anything’s possible.

The advantage of a trilogy spaced over centuries is that you could(if necessary) use different actors for each one.

The structure of the Billy Zane movie was perfectly sound; the biggest problem with superhero films is they always get bogged down in portraying the origins, and they didn’t (though the actual story had little to recommend it).

You’d have to put him in a situation where he’d be useful. The problem is that the Phantom really wasn’t that strong a superhero: he basically was Tarzan in tights. A flamboyant supervillain just wouldn’t work; he would have to go up against more prosaic crooks – say a crime boss or a ring of spies. While it’s certainly possible to film a good story given the character, the people who go to superhero movies would be uninterested because the he’d do nothing particularly super and there was little excuse for elaborate special effects.

I was just reading over thewikipedia entry on The Phantom. Apparently in Sweden, his costume is a dark blue. I think moving away from the purple would be a good idea (sorry purists). It’s just difficult to translate the skin-tight comic book costumes to movies.

It seemed to work in the first X-men movie when they moved away from the colorful spandex to black leather.

In the case of The Phantom an origin story is essential, though. A lot of his power is due to the legends about him that have built up over the centuries, and telling the tales behind those legends would strengthen the tie between the character and the audience.

I agree, three films.
The clothes should be gray. That’s what the original comic was, and the guys kept coloring it.

I think the purple outfit would work if it is first used to terrorize the pirates that killed Christopher Walker’s parents back in the 1500’s. It wouldn’t be out of place among all the pirate outfits.

I read half this thread thinking you were talking about the Phantom of the Opera.

Well, first you have to find a lead who can sing - Gerard Butler just didn’t cut it…

Christopher Walken’s parents?

Someone’s just itchin’ for the Skull Mark, I see. :smiley:

I have not read all of the phantom stuff but I have a number of books from the beginning of the news paper serials. Did they every do an origin story that was more than one or too panels about the original Phantom vowing that he and his ancestors would fight piracy?

The Story of the Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks, by Lee Falk, covers the origin of the Phantom, although most of the book is about Kit Walker(the current Phantom.)

I loved Billy Zane’s movie. I watch it regularly.

But then, I’m a sucker for 1930’s stuff.

Call me crazy but I enjoyed the mini series that played a few years ago.

That’s exactly why it’s unnecessary. Have the people react to the Phantom as a legendary figure. Have him show up and show people terrified of him, spouting portions of the legend in their fear.

Opening scene:
Bad Guy 1: "Aren’t you worried about the Phantom?’
Bad Guy 2: “That’s just an ignorant native legend. They’re tales to scare children. No one can do what he does. Toss a man across a room with one hand? Nonsense.”
Phantom pops out of the shadows, grabs Bad Guy 2, and tosses him across the room with one hand. He smashes into a wall.
He turns to Bad Guy 1, who is trembling in his shoes.
Phantom: “Leave here.”
Bad Guy 1: “Yes, Phantom. Anything you say.” He goes to help BG2.
Phantom: “Leave him.”
BG1: “What are you going to do to him?”
Phantom: “Leave now!”
BG1 runs out.
Phantom grabs BG2 by the hair. “I am the Phantom. The Ghost that Walks. If our paths cross again, I won’t let you walk away.”
BG2 trembles.
Phantom: “Now, go! And remember, those legends are not true. They tell only half the truth; the full truth is far more frightening.”
BG2 shrieks and leaves.
No need to go into the history. But this shows there is a history, and the audience that doesn’t know it can use their imaginations for a change.

I want to see the First Phantom with flintlocks and a cutlass!