Could "Almost Human" be set in the Dredd universe?

This discussion assumes you’ve seen both the Fox TV show “Almost Human” and are aware of the Judge Dredd franchise. Spoilers may be discussed, so fair warning.

Right, so first of all, timeline. Almost Human is set in the year 2048. Dredd happens around 2099 and there is mention an apocalyptic nuclear war in 2070.

Next, the city. I don’t think the city is named in Almost Human, but a giant wall exists and everyone is wary enough of what’s on the other side that they don’t think fugitives will escape there. Mega-City One in the Dreddverse has a giant wall with the Cursed Earth on the other side, where retired Judges take their Long Walk to bring law to the lawless.

Next, protagonist. Both Detective John Kennex and Judge Dredd look and sound like Karl Urban. Kennex is missing a leg and is born too early to be Dredd. However, Dredd is a clone, which would explain the leg and the birth dates. And both come from a line of law enforcement.

Finally, details. The future tech seems similar for both, although we don’t see androids as prominently in Dredd. Maybe the distrust from Synthetic Soul played a role in later years. There’s a space program in both. Dorian was supposed to be assigned to a space station. In the 2000AD series Strongtium Dog, their base, “The Doghouse” is an orbiting space station.

In the Origins storyline, first Chief Judge Fargo establishes the Judge System in 2031, but maybe it didn’t spread to Kennex’s city yet, by 2048. What other details support or disprove this theory? Discuss.

I think that Almost Human borrows quite heavily from a number of fictional futuristic societies, including Dredd. There’s a lot of Blade Runner in there as well, not only with the artificial intelligence, but from random details, like the light-up umbrellas.

I was thinking about Judge Cassandra Anderson and how her psychic powers might be the result of years of genetic manipulation. (I love the term, “chromes”, btw) But then I realized in the Almost Human episode, “Blood Brothers”, one of the witnesses had a procedure to gain psychic abilities. So precognition seems to exist in both.

They have been very coy about not naming the city but in the season finale they revealed it is called New Pittsburgh. What that means exactly I don’t know. Not to hijack your thread but I enjoyed season one and hope the show gets a second season.

I think it’s officially cancelled, sorry Quimby.

I heard it was on life support (I was hoping it would come back with a cut budget). Dang, it was derivative but fun.

Not yet, but it looks like maybe…25% odds for renewal with 75% against.

Are you sure it was New Pittsburgh? I missed that. It’s obviously not in the same place as regular Pittsburgh because the topography there is unique. I wonder where a new Pittsburgh would be?

Anyway, I really really really hope they renew Almost Human, and I also really need to finally see Dredd.

When the guy in the wheelchair was talking to one of his soon to be victims she seemed to call the city they were in New Pittsburgh. It’s possible she was talking about a different city though. I am not sure if New Pittsburgh is where the current one is. The lack of hills around it would say no it isn’t. The weather doesn’t match either but he fact that it seems to have west coast weather could just be Global Warming though.