Drokk it! Judge Dredd coming to TV!

Yes please! And please let them keep it satirical.

They’ve got 40 years of source material, so that should be more than enough for a season or three.

Would be nice if it was Karl Urban as Dredd. He seems OK with doing TV SF.

Of course, I’m secretly holding out for a Strontium Dog series…

Unfortunately both racism and bloodsuckers have been done to death.

Racism, done to death? On TV? I don’t think so.

ABC Warriors or Nemesis the Warlock TV series would be awesome.

Rogue Trooper would be my first pick after Dredd.

I wonder if the show will have a large enough budget to really capture the world of Mega-City One. I would honestly prefer no show over a cheap looking one.

I’d be down for a Slaine series…

Rogue Trooper and Slaine would make for good movies, one low-budget, one epic-budget. But the one I’d like to see as a TV series is The Ballad of Halo Jones.

Rejoice, Citizen! There’s a Strontium Dog fan film in the works from the people who made Judge Minty: footage looks pretty good.

Good news about the Dredd, although I’d still like to see one of the older strips like Mean Arena adapted: there was something about bizarrely themed, costumed teams of misfits engaged in brutal death-sports against a decaying suburban background that really resonated.

Ooh, I loved Judge Minty! The SD footage does look good, except for one thing - in live action, it looks naff when Johnny’s eyes glow all the time. I’d rethink that’ if I were them, only have them glow when he’s actively scanning something, maybe.

Yeah, I always saw them as being a blank white which only glowed when he was messing in your head. Nice work adapting the organic-looking Ezquerra tech to the screen, although they better have electronux in there somewhere.