Could An Admin Please PM Me?

Sorry to be so pestilent, but I need confirmation of the winners of the most recent membership “raffle”. There is one which PayPal hasn’t registered, and because I didn’t note on PP who it was to (I pm’d everyone), I don’t know which one hasn’t gone through. So far only one recipient has sent me a pm, but since I like to keep these things anonymous, I don’t want to name any names, leaving that up to the recipients.

Thanks in advance,


Send me an email, Quasi, and we’ll get you all straightened out.

Did aweddy, TD. It’s in a PM though. Can you take look and let me know if more is needed?

Thank you~


Not sent to me, Quasi. Please try again.

Or send me an email. Either one is fine.

All fixed. Thanks, Hon. :slight_smile: