Could an ex-president serve as party chair?

Barack Obama does not seem ready to walk away from politics in his post presidency years. He’s talked about tackling gerrymandering reform with Eric Holder and now he’s talking about developing a new generation of Democratic leaders.

What about DNC chair? He’s a great campaigner, and he’s the most popular he’s been in years. Plus, I’ve kinda liked the looser, freer Obama these past few months, where he’s not restricted by the job so much. Charismatic, popular, great fundraiser, smart, battle tested, and he could probably really get under Donald’s skin over the next four years.

The president is always the symbolic head of the party, well why not make him the actual head since he’s term-limited out and there’s a Republican now in the WH? I imagine a lot of the DNC delegates would’ve loved to see Obama in a third term, so I don’t think he’d have problem getting the votes.

I’m pretty sure this move would be unprecedented (“unpresidented?”), but would it really be any more strange than a reality television personality/sketchy real estate mogul winning the presidency?

ETA: I know the likelihood is slim, just putting this out there as a “Could it happen…”

I’m not aware of anything that would prevent him from doing it. But why on earth would he want to? He can set up some foundation where he gets to do whatever the hell he wants… why be constrained by the mundane activities of a party chair (e.g., going on the Sunday Talk Shows every damn week, to name just one).

Just one thought: Because he could actually do some good for his party and help them build toward a successful 2018 and 2020.

ETA: Plus it would allow him to “stay in the game” with a direct hand at possibly limiting the amount of damage Trump the the Pubs do to the stuff he accomplished during his presidency. And message, which he was great at (when he wasn’t bogged down by actual governing).

He could do that on the side without all the bullshit that comes with being DNC chair. Also, as party chair, he pretty much has to be a partisan hack, and I don’t see Obama wanting to play that game.

Obama has hardly been successful in that role as President so far. The Democrats have lost a bucket load of legislative seats and governorship under his Presidential watch. As a campaigner for other Democrats his record is mixed. I suspect the shitstorm that is about to hit Democratic party politics will put Obama off the role. Far better for him to have an unofficial role as elder statesman imo.

Clearly the role of party chair should go to Hillary.

I keed, I keed!

I think the DNC should take up a collection and give her a gold watch, a plaque and a retirement cake.

Maybe a first class one way ticket to Shutty Town. She’s earned it.