Could med/biol type person please explain bizarre phenomenon?

A few months ago I broke my wrist (colles fracture). When I came out of plaster, my wrist, my hand and a large section of my lower forearm were massively hairy (increased length and girth of hairs, much darker, and sproating out of hitherto hairless sectors). Even the underside of my arm is now massively hairy (not the palms though luckily). My physio said everyone complains of the same issue, but she does not know what causes it and whether it goes away.

Does plaster cause this or increased blood flow to the region or something else? Do you know if it goes back to normal (either on its own or after removing it)?


Wow, if someone’s discovered a hair-growth method that actually WORKS, someone’s gonna be very very rich soon. q;}

Dude, sounds like that instead of just setting the fracture, they accidentally grafted a gorillas hand on, in place of the original. Happens all the time, as your physiotherapist has noticed :wink:

A wag, but here we go. Could it be because with the cast friction and everyday living didn’t wear it away? Less likely, but not disputed (yet) moiture/lack of sunlight somehow?

Excessive hairiness, also known as hirsutism and hypertrichosis: