Fellow big-boned people :)

Hey guys and gals :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if any of you have this weird dark-freckle like rash on your lower calves + shins? I have it and saw a show where a really overweight man had the same thing, so I’m assuming it’s attributed to bigger people. Anyone know what it is and how to make it go away?

Thanx and never give up the fight !

I think I had the same thing on my wrists and behind my calves. It looks like an area fully-covered in freckles, right? Well, it went away by itself after a couple of months and I had no idea what it was. I’m not particularly big, by the way.

I do not have it, but I have seen it on others. I have always assumed it is due to oxygen deprivation of the surface tissue due to poor circulation. I see it more often on older people, enforcing that belief.

BTW, green_bladder, I believe what RyanV is referring to is not freckles, but a large, dark purplish area of skin on the lower extremities.

Yes Bambi you are correct. Poor circulation eh… Cause 45 pounds later I still have it and it doesn’t go away on it’s own. I want it gone by summer :frowning: