Could Mo'Nique be the next Oprah?

I was just thinking about this the other day.

Like Oprah, Mo’Nique is a single-named successful talk show host (her show is on BET, I think) who starred in a critically successful multi-Oscar-nominated movie and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Difference here is that Mo’Nique won the statue.

Could it be that Mo’Nique is poised to take over the mantle when Oprah leaves her show in 2012?

I think she could do it, what do you think?

I was really hoping there wouldn’t be a “next Oprah.”

Only if she gets rid of the apostrophe and the biCapitalization.

Oprah got to be popular because she appeals to white, middle class housewives. If there is a next “Oprah” it will have to be someone who had the appeal to that market that segment.

I don’t think Mo’Nique appeals to that set. This isn’t to say she can’t have success, she just won’t be a popular as Oprah. I doubt anyone will every achieve that or if they do, it’ll be a LONG time coming.

I read somewhere that ABC is considering promoting The View as a replacement for Oprah, so the replacement might be Barbara Walters. I’ve also heard Ellen Degeneres suggested as Oprah 2.0.

Mo’Nique can’t be the next Oprah, she’s married.