Oprah To Call It Quits In 2011

Looks like Oprah will end her talk show soon

From Broadcasting & Cable:

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I haven’t watched Oprah for like 10 years, but she was a powerful lady with a lot of sway. Without her Mr Obama would likely remained a relative unknown.

I recall reading a few months ago, and it’s reiterated in your link, that rather than ending her show she may just be moving it to her new network.

Just in time to start her 2012 presidential run…

Seriously? 2011?

I’ve been hearing the rumors of this for the last week, but I thought it was going to be like NEXT MONTH or something. Two years? That’s not an announcement, that’s a long-term plan.

Where will retarded housewives get their bad medical advice from photogenic idiots who just know with their gut feelings better than all those medical researchers with fancy degrees? Larry King? They don’t watch that shit!

That will be the 25th Anniversary of her show. Giving the Network a couple of years to develop and start something new seems reasonable.

On one hand, she is such an savvy woman who built up an empire on her own from nothing. Her book club thing got lots of people reading again and, of course, she gave Obama a boost at the right time.

On the other hand she can be so idiotically credulous. She gave a forum to psychics and anti-vaxxers without taking a skeptical look at their claims. This caused a lot of damage to society.

My incredulity isn’t about that, but about all the rumor hype that’s been going on about it. To me, it sounded like the end of her show was absolutely imminent, within a couple of weeks or something. Then she reveals it’ll be two years, and I’m just kind of “meh”.

The Housewife that invented whatever the product is?

I believe she is starting her own network. She needs a highly rated show to pump it up.

I’d be “meh” if it were tomorrow or in ten years. I’m just stuck here at work waiting for some slow to arrive data and was bored enough to read the article on Yahoo! about ten minutes before I saw this thread.

This was the lead story of the 10 o’clock news on WLS-TV (ABC) which airs her show in Chicago.

It will certainly open up the field for others to come in. Oprah is very expensive for instance, I read in Chicago WLS pays $225,000 per episode and in NYC it’s over $250,000 per episode.

I reckon you could buy a lot of other programming for that. Yeah I know you wouldn’t get as high a rating so your ad revenue would go down, but still