Got A Spare Million? Advertise on Oprah

Full story at: International Business Times

So do you think it’ll be worth it?

Oprah has a very large number of people who WILL watch whatever she produces, and most of them will try to watch her last show. And, no offense to any of her fans, but a lot of them are pretty gullible and will drink whatever koolaid she is serving. So yeah, I think it would be worth it.

Well, as her last show I would imagine she will also have one hell of a special guest or guests lined up - and you just know tears are gonna flow that could fill up Lake Mead.

Thus, the viewership for this will be off the charts - so why not rake in the coin when you can? No one begrudges the NFL from what they charge for Superb Owl (well, I do). so if advertisers will pay big bucks, then charge them big bucks.

I am not a regular viewer by any means, but even I will most likely tape this final episode just to see the end of the era.