Could someone explain that Smirnoff commercial with the blind guy to me?

I’ve seen this commercial a dozen times. I keep thinking I must’ve missed something, but then I see it again and I still don’t get it.

These guys are trying to get into a club, but they can’t get in. They see a blind guy. They visit an ATM machine. They take some of those ropes and put them around the blind guy. They close some blinds. In the next scene they’ve somehow managed to get into the club.

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Am I a complete idiot, or does this make sense to everyone but me?

They can’t get into the club so they start their own impromtu club in the street. They use the blind guy as a bouncer, the ropes to pretend its an “exclusive” club, people see there is a line and a bouncer so they wanna get in.

They make their own club. The blind guy is wearing glasses like the bouncers. They set up the rope with the blind guy and people think its another club and come over. They play music on a convinietly placed jupebox. The rest is history.
Does that help?

You’ve got the premise a little wrong, i think.

They have (or are at) a club across the street from a really hoppin’ club. They see people are flocking to get into the other club, and think “Hey, if we have a little roped off section and a bouncer, people would think this club is cool, and come over here.”

Better yet, if the bouncer is a blind guy, why, ANYONE can get in!

So they find some ropes and stand the blind guy up behind them, and sure enough, people start flocking in to the crummy club, thinking it’s a real great club because it has ropes and a bouncer. So now the tables have turned, and their crummy club is now full of beautiful people dancing.

And the kicker? The blind guy stops one guy from going in (we’re supposed to assume he doesn’t “look” good enough to get in.) Ho ho ho.

Got it? I hope I am correct with my explanation :slight_smile:

I could be totally wrong on this…

If I remember correctly, the commercial starts with them being denied entry to a club.

They put the ropes around the blind guy in front of an empty building and made him a doorman. Everyone else saw that was the club to be in, so they started going there. Then at the end of the commercial the blind guy still denies entry to those same guys.

I’m not sure if that’s right. Anyone else want to weigh in here?


Quad simul post? nifty :slight_smile:

Dang, a triple simulpost. Only mine took longer to write. Yay us!

Okay. After reading your posts, I just saw the commercial again. This time I think I get it. The current working hypothesis is:

These guys set up their own club in the ATM machine room (?). Everyone who was being kept out of the original club go to their new little mini-club. The blind guy keeps out the bouncers from the original club.

Where do they get the music from? Did I see flashing lights in there? Do the other people understand that they’re going to a pseudo-club, or have they fooled into thinking it’s a real club? They would see the ATM machines, and it’s just a small room and stuff, but they say to themselves, “what the hell” an impromptu club is better than no club at all.

It seems that everyone’s interpretation is subtly different, so this would imply to me that the story isn’t all that clearly told, so I don’t feel so bad that I didn’t get it.

Dang, Neptune, you’re reading too much into it!

The point is that drinking smirnoff allows you to overcome all obstacles in your way to rock’n’rolling all night and partying ev-a-ry day. :rolleyes:

Remember the commercial where they set up an improv party in a subway car? Same schtick.

Hmmm, this was one of the plots of Mission Hill.

They don’t set up their club in the ATM room. They just go there to steal the barrier ropes and poles.

The message is simple enough: if you have a product with no objective merits, make it hard-to-get (or at least give the impression that it is hard-to-get) and people will buy it.

Okay. If the mini-club isn’t in the ATM room, then where is it? Or are you saying that they didn’t set up an impromptu club (like in the subway car commercial)?

Accepting the danger that this would be moved to Great Debates:
Please select one:

[1] How many people say that the guys set up their own club and all the people waiting to get into the first club went to the new impromptu club.

[2] How many people say that they guys end up in the original club, presumably because everyone ahead of them in line was fooled into crossing the street to get to the fake club and lost their place in line.

I can’t imagine any circumstances where this thread would be shifted to Great Debates, unless December came in and started describing the commercial as a metaphor for Israeli/Palestinian relations. Soon after that, though, it would end up in the Pit.

Asking for votes is more likely to get a thread moved to IMHO.

The impromptu club is in an empty storefront or deserted bar across the street from the existing club. Considering the number of bodacious babes who end up drinking Smirnoff, and that these tomatoes represent the established club’s rejects, the established club must be a regular Playboy Grotto.

In Soviet Russia, commercial explains you.

Oh, wait, that’s Smirnov. Sorry.