Could someone explain this old "Lost in Space" episode please?

“Space Creature” or “The Space Creature”, season 3 episode 10. I tried to look this up online and it was like the episode was cursed or something. Link after link after link gave me pages that wouldn’t load, video clips that I haven’t got the bandwidth for, one-sentence synopsises that don’t tell me anything, and a couple of rambling reviews that didn’t actually describe what happened in the episode. Basic plot: crew of Jupiter II start vanishing one by one. But I don’t remember why or what happened ultimately.

Purple despair hovercraft. Else?

Hell, just watch it.

Oops… I see you have bandwidth problems… and I’m at work.

Can someone else watch it and tell him?

It’s available on DVD. It also looks like you could buy the script.

Watching an entire episode of Lost in Space is a lot to ask of another human being.

It’s too much even for the Robot.

DANGER! DANGER, Will Robinson!

The six year old me would have done it happily.

Actually I haven’t watched the show in years, I would be curious what my impressions of it would be now.

A little more detail from one of the fan sites.

Pretty much the same plot as every week.

Were there giant carrots in this one?

Dr. Crusher realizes she is trapped inside a warp bubble and goes toward the light to escape.


I was going to try but only made to about 45 seconds. It’s really bad.

I haven’t seen the episode in decades, so I’m trying to make sense of one part that I (mis?)remember. Everyone but Will and Dr. Smith have vanished, and Will is confronting Smith (or something possessing Smith, or borrowing Smith’s likeness?) in the JII’s engine core. And the Smith-creature screams to Will “I’m YOU! Thirty years from now!” If this is an accurate recollection, than WTF is going on here? This episode didn’t actually establish that Smith was a time-warped Will Robinson, did it?

There was something like that in the movie version that came out about 10 years ago. Are you thinking of that?

OK. I bit the bullet and watched it on hulu. I don’t know if spoilers are necessary for 60’s TV shows, but…

This is LiS’s version of Forbidden Planet – the monster claims to be Will Robinson’s id.

Ah, sort of Revenge of the Mumy, then? :smiley:

You’ve been waiting to use that, haven’t you?

Well played, sir!