Lost in Space reboot

Somehow I missed hearing about this one until now. Looks like Who isn’t the only 60’s SF doctor who has been gender-flipped. A teaser has just come out, looks like they are going with a more serious feel. They’ll have to try really, really hard to make it suck as much as the original.

Parker Posey as Dr. Smith? I’m in.

Awesome! Can’t wait!

does anyone in hollywood have an original idea?

Is it going to have pet Space Monkey?
It just won’t be Lost In Space if there is no Space Monkey.

Sure. I’ll focus on TV shows:

The O.A.

Bojack Horseman

The Leftovers(though this was a book, most of it was original)

Black Mirror

The Good Place

Rick and Morty

Stranger Things(OK, this one is heavily inspired from other things, but still new)

Did you not see the movie? I don’t think it takes any effort to suck.

I read the OP as “Lost in Space robot” and got all excited there for a minute.

Now I have to go change my pants.

(Also, how do you do a Lost in Space trailer without including either Dr. Smith or the Robot? Why do they think the original fans were watching it…for the awesome thespian talents of Guy Williams and June Lockhart?)

Apparently Guy Williams thought so :D. Rumor was he was not so pleased at being quickly upstaged as the heroic pater familias by a tween kid, a guy in a robot suit and an a very affected older fellow playing a pathological coward.

Some of us (of the appropriate age) watched it for Angela Cartwright.

Both were there. Dr. Smith was the blonde woman, and the scratchy voice at the end was (I assume) the robot.

The voice was definitely the robot, but the blonde woman was Dr Maureen Robinson, not Dr (Zelda?) Smith.

I have only seen a few of the original episodes, though probably a few episodes in total in clips. I got the movie free with my DVD player. It was not good. Since it won’t cost me more than not watching I will give it a shot.


Bloop! Bloop!

Was I the only one thinking “those kids are gonna outgrow those spacesuits.”

I say the same thing a lot, but in truth there are hundreds of original movies and TV shows that come out each year and don’t do very well, despite critical acclaim. Familiarity provides a built-in audience at a minimum, and that’s a lucrative thing.

Others watched it for Marta Kristen.

I am so going to watch this!

Probably a few watched it for Bill Mumy. (Danger! Danger Will Robinson!)