Could the size of ATMB be made bigger?

It’s just that with the amount of stickies in here now, there’s only three spaces for actual alive threads. Could ATMB be expanded so more of the newer threads are visible?

Hmm. I miscounted, and there’s actually four. Oh well.

I’ve got 50. Did you sign up for the upgrade? :slight_smile:

Click on “User CP,” then “Edit Options,” scroll down to “Thread Display Options’” finally to “Number of Posts to Show per Page.” Enjoy!

That just changes the number of posts per page; I’m talking about threads per forum.

Just under the ‘number of posts per page’ setting in the user CP is the ‘Default Thread Age Cut Off’. I’ve got mine set at ‘Show threads from last two days’, which setting shows 4 nonsticky threads in ATMB at the moment. If I set it to ‘Show threads from last 100 days’ it’ll show a lot more, but also for other forums.
There is ‘use forum default’ option, so an Admin could set different numbers for each forum. I don’t know if they’ve done that.

The default is two days or 50 posts per page, whatever comes first.

You can adjust it to suit yourself, but I don’t think it sets for each forum area, it’s a blanket thing.

The sets for the default are also blanket and not per forum area, sorry.

At the bottom of each forum page you can set the defaults for that specific forum.

No, that will show you on a one-time basis what choices you make from the drop-down menu, but it will not make global changes in the rest of the site or hold those choices in default.

In the User Control Panel (User CP hyperlink on most every SDMB page) you can change your defaults view, but it affects all forum areas. It’s all or nothing at all.

Or, better yet, combine the info in the stickies, weed out ones that no longer apply, or are no longer ‘news’.

That could work. I’m sure the “SDMB is switching to paid subscriptions” thread isn’t really needed any more.

Anyway, thanks for your help, various posters and admin. :slight_smile:

Back to the original question, yes, there’s too many stickies. We’ve been sort of working at it on and off, but it’s been a low priority. We’ll see what we can do in the next week or two.

I did notice that all the Cafe Society stickies were consolidated a while ago. Excellent work!

We have been working to consolidate stickies in other forum areas; getting to them as we can.

We will also throw this stuff into a FAQ some fine day too. Really.

Just in case there’s still any confusion, consolidating all of the stickies would not increase the number of threads shown in ATMB unless the date range were extened. However, ATMB will display all the threads with the last post inside the date range, just like any other forum (just don’t expect it to hit the second page).