Where are all the ATMB threads?

I only see like six threads in this forum. I believe historically there have been many more. What’s up? Why’d they all get disappeared? What are you trying to hide?

Go to the bottom of the forum page. Select the time frame to show threads from. Cover-up solved.
Note there is a maximum of 500 threads that will be shown.

Ah, that was intuitive. (Thanks.)

I can’t believe this is a serious question from someone who has been a member as long as you, but for the record all you have to do to see more threads is to adjust your display options at the bottom of the page. You evidently have yours set for two days; I have mine set for two weeks and see about 20.

It used to seem like there were a lot more threads in here because we had a bizillion stickies at the top of the forum. A while back, Bone took the time to sort through our confusing mess of stickies and re-organized everything. Now we only have one main permanent sticky (and one temporary one that we’ll get rid of if/when we get the stupid highlight issue resolved), and everything is much easier to find.

The Mods aren’t giving us enough to complain about :mad:

A max of 500? What are they trying to hide?

Those bastards!

I dug deep in the archives and found Hoffa’s body.

Someone should start a thread complaining about that? :wink:

You bastards!

(It’s against the rules to change quotes.)