Could this email be a virus?

I got an email today from somebody named ‘matthijs bes’, the subject was just a question mark, and the file was only 3k. I have gotten emails before that i am pretty sure contained a virus or a worm, based on descriptions of what those emails would look like(never opened them).

For some reason this one has me real spooked-i’ll probably just delete it. what u guys think…can a virus or worm be only 3k?

Could be – you’re right to be suspicious. But I’d need more description (like the text of the message and name of the attachment) to identify which virus it is.

A virus or worm can be only 3k in size.

With suspicious email, it’s best to simply delete it. Don’t worry about who sent it, why, or what it is, just get rid of it and be done with it. There’s a lot of garbage out there, why waste your time with it?

If it’s got an attachment, it’s probably a virus. If not, its probably run of the mill spam. I betcha the actual body of the e-mail is trying to sell you some barely-legal teens.

Just got this brand spanking new from e-mail today:

If the attached file ends in one of the following extensions chances are its a virus:

.exe, .com, .bat, .scr

There are more, but the above are the most common. If you don’t need it, delete it.