What's up with these e-mails?

On my hotmail account, I occassionally get e-mails that I’m certain are viral. These are generally not that difficult to spot. Anyhow, just recently, I’ve noticed an influx of 100+k files. When I open this e-mail, nothing shows up. No attachment, no images, no text; just your simple read-letter screen with no actual e-mail body to read.

What is this? Where is this phantom 128k file buried?

Are you using the browser or Outlook Express?

If using the browser it could be Hotmail is filtering the attachment with a virus.

If using OE, you can ccopy the email to the desktop and open it in text form and see what’s in there.

      • I got a bunch (150+) yesterday morning that were titled “You’re using my old email address”. By evening I had checked for mail again and got none, nor any this morning so whatever it was seems to be under control. I did not recognize any of the sources, don’t keep any addresses in Outlook’s address book (or any others, really), and only browse the net and open mail with Mozilla. Something screwy was goin’ on… - DougC

Checked it out in the browser; I’m not really that curious to download it and view it as a text-file. But I’ve gotten about eight of these in the last week, all from different e-mail addresses, with obviously bogus subject lines. Two of them were “check out this new game I wrote”-type e-mails.

What you have there is the W32.Klez.gen@mm worm. It’s being filtered out by Hotmail so you cannot access it, but nevertheless it’s showing up as existing when Hotmail reads the message weight.

That’s too weird, man. I got 30 or 490 of those “You’re using my old email address” e-mails too. I hope they go away. JUST GO AWAY!

You can find out more about these mass-spams here at this thread

As for the virus, I keep getting it too but McAffee deletes it before i can read it. Therefore I don’t know which of my accounts it’s going to and what the message is. I don’t think it’s related to this spam attack, as I haven’t gotten any other spam since I unsubbed from the spam newsletter.