Could this snake eat this kid?

The snake’s head looks pretty small, but I realize they can open up pretty wide.

It looks like a Boa Constrictor to me, and they typically are fed mice and rats, depending on their size. I don’t think it could swallow something as large a small child, but there’s really only one way to find out. BTW, they can bite if they want to, but they kill by squeezing the life out of their prey. I had a 6’ boa in college named “Cuddles” that bit me more than once when it was being handled.

I wouldn’t be so much concerned if the snake could eat the kid, but I’d worry more that it would crush the kid.

It’s a Burmese Python. It could crush a child. Adults have been killed, not by constriction alone, but by fighting the constriction and having a heart attack as a result.

A neighbor has a Burmese Python that is very large. He feeds it rabbits.

As dolphinboy mentions, they don’t “crush” their prey. They tighten around it and prevent it from breathing over a period of time. It might try that with this child if it were really hungry, but an adult nearby could also probably pull it off it it tried that. I think the greater risk would be if the snake were ill-tempered and just bit her out of annoyance, etc.

Is that situation a smart thing to allow? No. It isn’t. Snakes aren’t affectionate animals, and children that young aren’t wise enough to stay out of trouble.

Some snakes are indeed “affectionate.” They like to be held by people (for the warmth), and like to move around when being held. Rosy boas, for example, are like this.

For differing values of “affectionate”, sure. Some individuals can be very tolerant of handling, may even enjoy the warmth. Burmese pythons in particular tend to have a pretty mild temperament as large snakes go.

But even an adult should not be too casual with a large constrictor, even a “sweet” one. Snakes aren’t smart. If they accidentally get triggered in some fashion and they get a loop around your throat you could be in real trouble fast. A grown adult man might be able to pull off a 12-15’ snake if they act quickly enough, a small child has exactly zero chance with a snake that large.

99% of the time that little girl is going to be just fine. But that video is still really irresponsible, because that 1 in 100 shot is likely to kill her unless there is someone strong there who can react immediately.

I don’t know if the snake could swallow that kid but I recall reported incidents where large constrictors were caught trying to eat a small child. The children survived but were near death from constriction and in one case the snake already had it’s jaws spread over the child’s head. The snakes didn’t survive, were killed when caught in the act as the only way to immediately get them to stop squeezing.

That’s an incredibly sweet picture, and I see no reason to assume the person holding the phone is too weak to remove the snake if necessary.

Reptiles are NOT pets. They do NOT feel affection. They do NOT feel loyalty to their owners.

As has been said, a large constrictor of that size could very easily kill a child that size through asphyxiation. I would expect that a Burmese Python would easily be able to swallow a dog or goat of equivalent weight to the child. One in the Everglades actually managed to swallow a deer heavier than itself, but ended up regurgitating it.

The limitation on large snakes being able to swallow humans is the shoulders. On most animals, there isn’t an abrupt change in diameter from the head to the torso, and if the snake can swallow the head it can swallow the whole thing. On humans, it may be difficult to get a purchase to get past the neck and engulf the shoulders.

In any case, I agree putting a child that size in close contact with a snake like that is irresponsible. If the snake did decide to constrict for whatever reason it would be difficult for even a strong adult to get it to stop without killing it.

Have you ever held a constrictor that size? You think wrong. Their power is scary.

Liking warmth and being tolerant of handling has nothing to do with being affectionate. Affectionate implies emotional ties, which snakes are not capable of.

Maybe not snakes but iguanas can be very affectionate especially male iguanas with female owners. They can recognize individual people as well. They can also hurt the hell out of you if they don’t like you. If you want to know what it feels like to get slapped across the face with a leather strap, try taking a grown male iguana out of the bath when he is in a bad mood and getting slapped by his tail. He never did that to my ex-wife. He just cuddled up to her. I miss Atilla.

Responding positively to a recognized food source also does’t equate to affection.


It’s hard to be sure, of course, but judging by the size of the couch, yes.

Iguana are also know to attack female owners during their period.

Izzy was over 4 ft. head to tip of tail, incredibly strong, I had that whip hit my leg and it made me quite cautious of him. We would put him on a leash to let him run around the yard outside. We had to put progressively heavier weights on the leash to keep him from taking off, eventually using a concrete block because he could build up speed with anything smaller. He got along with my wife fine since she fed him most of the time but I don’t think that was affection, just conditioning.

I guess… if that boa is fed on a regular basis by humans it will be conditioned and will be rather timid.

Reminds me of this sad story:

Don’t know much about snakes or reptiles, but I imagine their logic is pretty simple. If fed and not in danger, then just mosey about.

I’m just going to disagree with you then. Aside from the strength of the snake, there would be the problem of getting a grip on it. And if “it’s hard to be sure,” that’s too much danger to expose a child to.

I find that video extremely creepy.