Could U succeed on a job U hated?

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In other words, how can I discard all of the work I did over so many years? I do not know where to start.

I am very much into Social Sciences.

Why do your parents demand that you suffer in a career that you despise? Have you made your feelings known to your parents? They are aware of your misery and continue to insist that you continue with your mathematics career despite this? Why on earth would they do this? And why on earth would you accept it, as a grown man?

I am very indecisive. I just pretend to work – really working very little and very slow. Instead I visit forums. For the first time since 2006, I am active on English language forums.

Since 1992.

Well, I do not have an independent source of income.

The idea is that we’re trying to help you find an independent source of income. The question is whether that independent income source needs to have your parents’ approval.

If you’re not looking for an independent source of income, then why bother to work at all? If you don’t like your field, just continue to let your parents support you.

Ever come across the idea of sunk costs in your studies?

I do not know.

I have considered just continuing to live with my parents pretending to work. Having no friends and sort of working on what I hate is misery, but is there an option?

I am big on Social Studies and have studied alot on my own but it counts for nothing.

Does that mean all these years have been wasted?

Yes. The option is to become less miserable, and that is probably going to require more work on your mental health. If you have spent 20 years being treated for depression, and you are still miserable in your work and your relationships, then you need to reassess your treatment.

I asked how strongly you require your parents’ approval, aside from their financial support, because that makes a difference in your choices. My first recommendation would be to find a way to support yourself financially, even at a much different level than the one you currently enjoy with your parents, doing something that you enjoy, or at least don’t hate. But for some people, financial independence would not be worth it if it meant losing the respect of their parents. You have to decide for yourself what will be the best approach for you.

The problem with sunk costs is that they really should not be considered in making future decisions. That doesn’t mean that your years of education were wasted, it just means that rationally, those years are already gone, and you can’t go back and redo them, so you have to start from where you are now. That means taking into consideration the education you have when determining what to do in the future.

I had 10+ different therapists, and I take medication.

Well, I tried to leave twice but I did not suceed. I guess I will just stay in that situation.

Are there any circumstances you can see in which you would be less miserable? What would you envision as a successful outcome for your life?

Also, even if you don’t change your work or living situation, there are other ways to improve your life. Are you involved in any activities you enjoy? How much work have you done in therapy to build your relationships and your social life?

I have zero offline social life. What can I improve in my life? I do not know.

Fortunately I do not drink, and do not use drugs, thus I have a chance to see the year 2040.

Would you be willing and able to go back to school and get another degree? There must be a lot of other professions where a background in math would be useful.

I’m a university librarian, and while there’s not much math involved in being a librarian having a background in math could give you an advantage. Many librarians have backgrounds in literature or history, but a university needs librarians to support research in all the different departments.

Third time’s the charm. Why not try again?

This guy sounds like a well known troll that posts on a Canadian sports forum that I read. Same guy I wonder?

Wow. I’m no mathematician but I can’t see how you got five years older in seven months.

Well, to be fair, he is only pretending to do math.

My fault.

But then those who give out all their EXACT coordinates online have a greater risk being stalked.

My birth date is a statistical variable with Normal distribution, Mean of 1970 and Standard Deviation of 5.

Which is why no one knows that I am actually a fifteen-year-old girl living in Hoboken.


Your age does not equal your “exact coordinates.” And frankly, you’re not exactly the ideal stalker target (38-43 year old PhD in math and/or statistics who still lives with mom).

Age + Biography + writing style (statistical distribution of words) is a good info for any stalker.