Could UFO's really be time machines from our future?

Does anyone think that UFO’s might really be time machines from our future?

There are people who believe that. They’re all pretty much nuts.

Besides, everyone knows time machines were outlawed in 2256.

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No, because they didn’t anticipate the advent of cell phone cameras.

They definitely anticipated it. They almost completely stopped visiting since everybody has one in his pocket.

Any time machine that actually worked would have to already exist today, because the time traveler wouldn’t be able to go further back in time than before the time machine was built.

That’s IF we were to look at the OP’s theory with sound science.
If you’d rather look at it with the woo angle, sure anything is possible.


UFOs are from an alternate future where cell phone cameras were never invented.

Once they showed up however it spurred people to want high quality very portable video equipment to document their abductions and sightings and then it was only a matter of time before the cell phone camera was introduced.

Of course this change in history collapsed their alternate future (kinds like the terminator wanting to kill Jon Connor so he could never lead the revolution).

They doomed themselves.

This is a theory that’s been offered many times to explain UFO’s. It’s one of many theories that have been put forward to explain them. Just do a search by putting “UFO time travelers from our future” into Google and you’ll find many webpages about this theory.

Don’t you read the news? Everybody knows “UFOs” are dimensional travellers. This was sorted out already in 2026. I’ll try and find the links.

Cell phone technology was bootstrapped into existence in the early 21st century by a retronaut who wanted to make sure her ancestor held the patents. It was either that or transparent aluminum.

It’s all explained in a graph at XKCD.

Not anyone with a firm grasp of rational thought.

The idea of Time travel just creates too many unresolvable paradoxes.

So a time machine question for a curious mind today. How possibly could a time machine go back to a time before it was invented ?

I can understand inventing a time machine one can go forward and then come back to the present.

But how can one go back prior to it being invented ? Would not that break fundamental laws of physics?

PS……………Curious mind thought discussion only, I not actually believe this is possible.

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That depends on how the time machine in question works. A chrono-cabinet will be able to transfer its contents to any fourspace point during its subjective existence. You cannot use a chrono-cabinet to reach a fourspace point prior to its construction or after its destruction.

However, most time machines are either a tethered push cage which can be extended either forward or backward from zero-state NOW, subject of course to the amount of energy available, and the mass available to balance it off on the otherwhen side, or free devices which autorotate to fifth or sixth dimensional pseudospace and re-enter at a pre-programmed fourspace point. These types can translocate to a historical locus subjectively before its invention.

I hope this helps.

Yes, they are Sumerians. They came from the past. Having seen future civilizations, they decided to destroy as much as possible of any traces of their technology, to prevent it from falling into the hands of 20th century man, whom they knew would abuse its powers.

Nah, the only workable model (which replaced the DL3 after the Pompeii incident) don’t make that whiny noise.

Remember Occam’s razor. Horses, not zebras.

Time travel into the past is almost certainly impossible according to the laws of physics. Aliens isn’t.

So I’m going with aliens.

Or this.

Since the OP is asking for opinions, let’s move this to IMHO.

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Ah, demons! So, are we talking about Klahds, Perverts, Trolls, Trollops, or what?