Could whites go to Negro League games in the south?

I’m working on a time machine, see, and one of my intended timespaces to visit is some Birmingham Black Barons home games at Rickwood Field, in, say, 1921.

I’m about as pasty white as Queen Elizabeth…do I need to get some good makeup before I go to the game, or was it OK for whites to go to those games? I know that exhibition games between white and black teams happened further north, and some years later, and that crowds at Yankee stadium were integrated for the Black Yankees in the 1930’s. I’m wondering about earlier and south-er.

I would think that if it were confined to black-only audiences, it wouldn’t be profitable.

Didn’t find an answer to the question, but I found a website for the Negro League Baseball Players Association. The contact info link says they answer questions as time permits…

Sure. Whites could and did attend Negro League games in both the North and South. The stadiums were segregated in some cases, of course, but your attendance won’t be a problem.

I live in the south, and I recall seeing a newspaper article awhile back saying that yes, whites did indeed attend the local Negro League games to check out some of the sport’s biggest stars when they were in town.

Spoken by James “Cool Papa” Bell, possibly one of the greatest of all baseball players.

Good stuff- thanks.

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