Could you be recognized by your "voice" even if you could post without your user name

I can recognize Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, and BB King guitar riffs, by their distinctive sound. I think I can pick out Stephen King’s voice from his writing. I could recognize a Kubrick movie without watching the credits based only on his signature scenes in his movies.

So, do you have a “voice” that others could recognize? What are some of the characteristics of your post that would give it away as you even without the user name being included in your post?

Do you see a “voice” in other posters, and what are their identifying characteristics?

SSG Schwartz

I don’t think so – most of my posts are fairly short, and though I get off some good one-liners, I’m far from alone in that.

I’m not sure.

In real life I do–distinctive word choices, etc. Playing two truths and a lie with a group of people, where we had to identify the person who provided the truths and lies as well as which was which, I was one of the most frequently recognized people.

But I’m not sure how much that translates to this message board.

I’ve been told, out in the real world, that I have extremely distinctive diction. I think it might have something to do with being from south Georgia, yet still having read a book :stuck_out_tongue: If my friends read this message board knowing that one of the posters was indeed yours truly, then I think they would probably be able to pick me out based on my voice alone. I don’t imagine, were our usernames to spontaneously evaporate tonight, the SDMB in general would all instantly say “Oh of course, that’s Soul!”

Yes. See?

I’m pretty sure.

I have developed a pretty distinctive writing voice over time. Even my brief posts are longer than most people’s and tend to cover everything relevant in detail. My e-mails in my mega-corp are longer than most people’s but also contain a greater amount of content than most people’s on a word for word basis and still not sound like a lawyer.

I am fiercely polite in the textbook sense but I can be rather harse and extremely definitive and bossy even to those above me and I know that comes through everywhere. I don’t know if you would call that passive aggressive really but I can write things that truly hurt people when I want to and it is 100% defensible in any context and no one can ever pull me aside and prove that I was wrong if it is broken down sentence by sentence or analyzed for facts. I am not truly petty but I look to destroy all adversaries immediately and in anyway possible as present themselves and I don’t back down.

I have been told many times that I am a good storyteller and I have a million tales, about me, my family, and friends that often seem unbelievable so I filter them over time for many people. I am deeply Southern and I think that helps with the storytelling style. People here in the Boston often screw up even the most interesting stories so badly that they become boring. I have never figured out the exact problem but Southern people are simply better story-tellers in general given the same exact set of facts and no deviation allowed.

I doubt it. I’m pretty bland, here, especially as I’m in amongst some really distinctive characters.

Plus, I’m very forgettable at the best of times.

maybe not on here because I don’t think I’m prolific enough to be well-known and recognized.

But in stuff like school papers, for sure. And if I posted more, probably.

I know I have my pet phrases. I tend to have a pretty conversational tone. I’m the queen of run-on sentences. I overuse parentheses and ellipses. I use examples a lot. I use made-up quotes to convey things. I say “like” probably more than is healthy. And the list goes on.

All-in-all, I’m not a very good writer. But I am distinctive.

Probably, if for no other reason than my near-constant use of the Grin smilie. :smiley:

I suppose it depends on the subject matter.

Shagnasty, I think I would recognize you from your posts. Or even from your thread titles. So far the other posters, I would be hard pressed to guess their names from their voice.

SSG Schwartz

You get off good one liners?
not in the face! please don’t scratch me!

I think so ,pet turns of phrase and the desire even if held in check to use lots of apostrophes.

I don’t know. I don’t really notice these things about other dudes, and I don’t think they notice them about me. AFAIK, I have a fairly low profile here, anyway.

I agree with Twicks. For the most part, no. However, there are a few types of posts that my replies are probably pretty distinctive.

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a great life.

New Members:
Be welcome, enjoy your stay.

And likely a few others as well.

But for the most part, I would say: no.

I should hope not.

I’d so see you a mile away. You’re not exactly a subtle person!

You too.
First time I read one of your posts you were giving medical info. The next poster didn’t miss the irony and you stuck in my mind. I think I’d know you.

If I was recognised I guess it’d be down to my use of bold and italics, and bad grammar!

Thanks SSG Schwartz although I am modest enough to know that not all of things associated with your answer will be positive for me. Thats good to know because it matches what people tell me IRL.

In threads about Star Trek, football, or photography, maybe. Otherwise, I doubt it. Esp if I were trying to hide. I found out long ago I’m a fairly good mimic, even in regards to the written word. Used to have lots of fun in school with that.

I have a habit of reading posts and looking at usernames later, if at all.

The only users I can recognize are:

DrDeth - he uses “dude” alot and it makes me laugh (because I use “dude” a lot too)
Sampiro - He just, you know…has his style :slight_smile:
That guy who has a habit of typing 9 instead of ( and it drives me insane, but he must not be around much anymore or he fixed his fingers because I can’t recall his name.

A couple others I can spot purely based on content…but I’m not going to go into detail because that is definitely snark territory.

The rest of you, you’re all the same :wink: (just kidding…I just wouldn’t recognize anyone w/o names attached)