Could you hve gotten out of the house faster than Paul Sheldon?

I just watched the movie and I never had a broken leg, let alone two. Any Dopers here have an idea how to escape the maniac while being doped up on Novril?

Sorry, * Misery* question. It’s a novel by Steven King.

It would take a really long time to understand the depth of Annie Willes obsession with your writing and your person. On top of that, you’re in constant pain-- even begging for the Novril-- I don’t think I’d realize how well she knew me for at least a month. And I never would’ve guessed that the little penguin always faces due south, giving away me leaving my makeshift hospital room.

In the book, she cuts off his foot with two blows of an axe (bone and blade squeaking as she ripped it out to make the second blow) and this is without painkillers. The mallet in the movie is just as bad for me. But each time she goes nuts, you couldn’t even guess what little things would make her fly off the handle like that.

Don’t forget, most people think you’re already dead, frozen and/or eaten by animals. The search has already died down, so outside help was pretty much gone by the time you came to.

Paul figured out she was crazy from the get-go.

I had my uncle read this book, and the first thing he said afterward was, “I could’ve escaped faster.” But I have my doubts! I think King did a wonderful job on this one.

My method would have been totally sucking up to her, making her think I loved her and understood her, convincing her that I was totally going to stay with her of my own accord, and by the way, Annie-poo, why don’t we drive to the nearest restaurant and celebrate our newfound love? Then the moment we’re in a public place getting the attention of someone and getting away.

“And I suppose you’re on my side, Rodgers01? Well, I am not slow, and I am not stupid…you bad old dirty birdie!”

Misery, Gerald’s Game and Rose Madder are probably the only ‘good’ King novels I have problems reading [and Misery with watching] - I find the real monster books difficult because they actually can exist. We do have maniac stalkers out there that are their obsession’s Number One Fan that are exactly like Annie. [I have issues with Gerald’s Game and Rose Madder from being in an abusive relationship so that problem is a bit different.] I think that is why many people like his more realistic novels - the frisson of ‘it could happen to me, totally!’

I think Sheldon did just about as well as he could, post-car accident and addicted to painkillers, in escaping. I doubt I could’ve done any better. I re-read the book a few months ago (it’s long been one of my favorite Kings) and it’s still really, really good. I like that it’s as much about the obsessiveness of a truly committed writer as it is a gripping, non-supernatural horror story. The scene where he finds her scrapbook and realizes all of her previous murders is particularly chilling.

I don’t think I’d ever manage to get out of the cock-a-doodie house.