Could you live without a journal, to-do list or similar resources?

I’ve been meaning to start a journal, but I hold this wacky reservation that doing so or relying on any other ‘cognitive augment’ like a to-do list or a brainstorm robs the brain of good exercise. That sounds really stupid, and the strain I’ve put on myself for attempting as much has probably led to sub-optimal performance in all areas of my life. But all I’ve read on neuroplasticity seems to suggest that your mind would eventually be forced to rise to the challenges presented it. amirite or amiwong?

Things can get pretty muddy though. It’s tough to go without those aides in this day and age.

I can, do it a lot, never while flying as the pilot.

I don’t have the discipline to use a journal or to-do list, so I guess yes.

I use a journal for appointments, commitments and things I need to do. The things to do part only gets upgraded when I find myself falling behind on things.

My personal journal is more like a diary and I am very sporadic with it.