Count the people.

Allright, I did. Now what?

:smack: and just when I thought I could count!

So what is happening here? Am I supposed to know? :o


Count them again. How many are there?

Hint. wait a few moments.
I don’t know how it works. I found it on another MB

I still don’t get it. I count the same number each time. Maybe I’m stoopid or summat.

Did you wait for it to re-arrange it’self?

Sorry to be vague.

Very clever…

I’ve watched that thing for a while now, and it seems that they’re taking bits of several different characters to make a new one. Tall guy becomes short, long skinny face becomes short round face, hair becomes feet, etc.

Pretty standard old visual game, I remember seeing a version with a missing leprechan, but can’t find it online.

I counted ten times. There’s something between 120 and 130 people there.

I’m sleepy!


When there are thirteen people instead of twelve, the guy on the far left is missing the very top of his head.

There was a bar in Milwaukee that had a big game like this on the wall. Three pieces in the puzzle altogether, and the two on top would shift back and forth. It looked like one of the people disappeared when the pieces moved.

Now I remember. The people in the puzzle were spies, and the name of the bar was The Safehouse. Is it still there?