Count to 100 game

You cannot post consecutively resets counter to zero i.e.
poster A) 1
poster A) 2
poster A) 3
poster A) 4

No ping ponging - by this you cannot post back and forth between two posters resets counter to zero.

poster A) 1
poster B) 2
poster A) 3
poster B) 4

Consecutive posts of the same number, or posts with numbers out of sequence - reset the counter to zero.

Poster A) 5
Poster B) 5
Poster C) 5
Anyone can post the next consecutive Number in the series from at any time.

Let’s see how you do.

I’ll start you off


2, that is to say, two.

Could we maybe do this on 4chan, instead?

Aw come on post the next number, it’s fun.


You misspelled ‘fun’. It’s t-u-r-g-i-d.

hits golf ball

Ermm… I mean… FOUR!

  1. That is all.
  1. Lucky 7


Niner Foxtrot Niner…


Ten…nis elbow

Um, no.