Counterstrike... opinion poll about camping (and other stuff)

All right, I like Counterstrike. Fun game. Has more in-depth tactical strategy than other games. Simple, clean, straightforward.

However, in just about every game, you always hear someone whine about “fucking campers”. Now, I know that camping is a strict no-no in games such as Quake and Unreal, which have much less realism. However, in Counterstrike, the game is designed so that you SHOULD stake a claim in tactically important and advantageous spots. This is a game where a single stray bullet can kill you, not one where you can take a rocket to the chest and keep going… you just can’t run around willy-nilly like an action hero.

What sayest thou, Teeming Millions? Is camping really that bad a thing for Counterstrike?

(Note: Other discussion about Counterstrike is wholly appropriate in this thread, too, so don’t worry about hijacking it!)

It’s the difference between sniping\waiting, and actual camping, which is hard to do in CS.
In UT or something it’s waiting by a respawn zone or hiding by the top of a lift constantly, and is seen as wrong while sniping from a tower or waiting round a corner for people is okay.
I suppose the difference is that there’s almost no way for a target to get the jump on a camper, wheras normally you risk being attacked whenever you attack.
In CS there are nearly always alternate routes, and everyone skulks behind cover at times. It’s probably just people tired of being whacked by snipers they can’t match.

You got that right. Far too often I see someone try to go toe-to-toe with a sniper with a SMG, from 200 yards.

I’m all for people being snipers. In fact, I give it a decent shot (no pun intended) every once in a while.

However, there should NOT be 5 or 6 snipers covering one area. That detracts from a lot of the entertainment value of the game, and the game becomes a boring standoff.

When a whole team just sits back with a bunch of snipers, that game no longer becomes fun. I’ve seen it happen, and that is when I’ll complain about the “fucking campers”.

Camping is bad. However DEFENDING is perfectly fine. For example, in Militia if a CT hides by the ladders in the sewers, he’s camping, because he is staying in one spot with no intention of completing the objective. That is bad. HOWEVER if a terrorist guards hostages, he is doing his job, DEFENDING THE OBJECTIVE. Unfortunatly 99.9% of the community doesn’t know this and gets mad. But fuck them. This game is a TACTICAL SHOOTER, not a team deathmatch.

Camping is only bad when someone is trying to hide until the time runs out. Otherwise you have the advantage over someone camping once you know the map. Really once you get in good enough servers almost no one uses awps ever. They just are not that good. Of course theres always the occasional spot like under the bridge in dust, but mostly an AK-47 is a much superior sniping weapon.

I haven’t heard the words “fucking campers” in months, they die to fast for anyone to care. At any range if they are standing still I can headshot someone with the deagle or AK. The way counterstrike is set up lends itself to just learning how to shoot that individual pixel that is the opponents head with the strongest guns. The only tatical part is running with other people so enemies wont shoot you first. Well, that and grenades.

I usually hear (/say) it when there is one person left on each team, and both are camping, or when the one person left on one team is camping in a really out-of-the-way place in a large map. It slows the game down, and rarely accomplishes much.

The distinction should be made between camping and sniping.

As previously noted, the game also becomes kinda boring when nobody is playing as the action flick hero; it makes the game more interesting–even if you do tend to die quickly.

Tactical camping, such as in a advantagous spot or while guarding hostages, is perfectly fine. If a person is just hiding somewhere for no reason what-so-ever hoping to run down the timer, or whatnot, then that’s dumb and a timewaster.

Guy sitting by the HMG in that city streets match of Kingpin, mowing down people in the street below - not camping. If you know the map you can sneak up on the roof and drop down on him without warning, getting the kill most of the time (which is why it’s not smart to wait there).

Guy sitting on the roof of the building that you aren’t supposed to be able to get on dropping grenades indiscriminately on the street below from a position where nobody can see him - CAMPING. I’ve seen everybody team up to try and rocket-jump up there to take him out on a deathmatch server (rocket jumping is a LOT harder in Kingpin than Quake).

Well, look, here’s a scenario that just happened to me today…

I was playing a game (Dust). I was a CT. I got a AUG and armor, and immediately rushed over to the left exit from the hallways (just above the tunnel ramp). I crouched, and I capped two guys right when they popped out of the hallway.

I soon realized that these same two guys kept doing the same thing, over and over. So I kept going to the same spot, over and over, and kept capping them.

They eventually got my booted from the game “for being a camper” and “for cheating” (that’s another thing… people will think you’re cheating if you start doing too well).

I love playing CS, I started playing in Beta 6. I like to think I’ve gotten good at it, I usually end the rounds in the top 3 on the server that I play on most often.

But I know what my limitations are. I suck with the AWP or the Scout. For some reason I just can’t track a target quickly enough to hit them, even if I’m in a good camping spot.

Now, I do think camping is an important part of the game. A team with a couple of good snipers can control a map very effectively, and since the objective is for your team to win the round, I have no problem with it.

Where I do have a problem is when everyone on the damn map buys an AWP, hunkers down somewhere, and stays for the whole round. That’s just stupid.

For me it’s most satisfying to kill a sniper when they know you’re coming, but you’re not giving them enough of a target to shoot at. As a T I can nail people pretty effectively with burst fire from an AK-47, and as a CT my weapon of choice is a Colt. I’ll happily go up against any sniper any day if I have one of those weapons.