Countertop Dishwasher

Yes, I know that’s not exactly a thrilling topic; however, I have finally reached the point of hating washing dishes in my apartment to such an extreme that I caught myself ready to fork over some serious money to a friend stationed in Japan to buy me a countertop dishwasher and ship it here.

But, then I remembered, “Hey, the SDMB taps into the font of all knowledge. Someone there has to know where I can get one in the USofA. And cheap, to boot!”

So, folks, where can I get a countertop dishwasher in America cheap? The thing is about the size of a large microwave oven, sits on the top of the kitchen counter (I mention this because someone’s bound to make a comment about oxymorons), connects to the kitchen faucet and supposedly doesn’t use all that much electricity (or water, for that matter) when it does what it does. My lease doesn’t allow me to put in a “real” full-sized dishwasher. And, even if it did, the logistics of the kitchen prevent it.

A google search for “countertop dishwasher” turns up lots of sites. I wouldn’t call them cheap, though. (this one doesn’t have ordering information, but there is an email address) (on SALE!)

paper plates and plastic forks.

Don’t forget the paper cups.