Help me buy a countertop dishwasher...

Girlfriend and I both hate washing dishes. Lately, they’ve been piling up pretty badly, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and suprise her with a mini dishwasher.

Has anybody had any experience with these things? Right now I’m leaning toward the Danby Countertop model. I need something that hooks up to the faucet and is less than two feet on a side.

What about brick and mortar retailers as opposed to online stores? I can’t seem to find a biz box store that actually carries these things. For some reason, I’m a little leery of blowing $200 on a dishwasher at a website where I’d feel perfectly fine buying a $1500 notebook. I imagine any price saving would get eaten by UPS, anyway.

Thanks for your input.

I’ve never used it, but I have played around with that model in a store… it was OK. Seemed kind of cheap, but I would imagine it would work well enough.

You can’t get one at a store nearby, hey? I live in Canada, and a chain here called London Drugs (a large drug/department store) sells them. Since it weighs a few pounds, shipping will cost you a bit. You may want to continue your search for finding a brick store with them… maybe Circuit City type places?


(I know you were all holding your breath…)

Thanks bernse. I’ve hit every major retailer on my side of town over the past couple of days, and finally found one at HH Gregg, which I try to avoid as their salespeople are generally complete assholes.
Got it for $211 including tax, $57 less (including shipping) than I would have paid for the same model at from that etailer.

My girlfriend gave me a big, wet, sloppy kiss.

Tonight, we’ll hook it up and see if we can’t make a dent in that moldering pile of coffee cups and plates sitting on the counter, glowering at me.

Good for you. I saw one in Wal-Mart here for $230CDN (about, uh, $150US) and thought about you.

Glad you got fixed up. I am actually curious as to how it works. Post back after you get it fired up tonight.

Word of advice, run the tap on hot for a moment or two to let the water heat up before you hook it up.

Works like dream. My girlfriend is pretty neurotic about rinsing stuff off before it goes in, so I don’t know how good it is at actually removing food, but it seems to do a good job at taking the stains outta my coffee cups.

I ended up getting this model instead of the one linked above, because that’s all they had in the store.

It’s got its own internal heater that apparently heats it up to 155+ F, so no need to run cold water out of the tap beforehand.

Worth the two hundred bucks, easy.