Countertop water filter system

I was looking at getting the Seagull IV X-1D countertop water filter system, but just talked to a rep from the company and she said they no longer manufacture it.

Anyone know of a ***comparable ***countertop system? I live in a rental house. I don’t want a Britta pitcher filter. I guess my landlord would let me install a below the counter system, but that would be a last resort.

This one looks good and it’s a LOT cheaper. Available with amazon prime (no shipping cost- 2-day delivery). Anyone have it?

There’s one for sale today (Monday) here.

Interesting. That one is also available at amazon. It has three filter cartridges that last for 6-12 months each and cost from $30-$50 each. The cost isn’t that much of a problem as all of these are hundreds of dollars less than the Seagull that I had my eye on. Keeping up with three filters that need replacing? That could be a challenge.

The WaterChef (in my OP) has one filter and a battery-operated light that tells you when to replace it. The replacements are about $50 and presumably last for 1,000 gals. That’s sounding better.

Both of these units get good reviews.