County and Secession questions

I know that new cities are popping all over the US, with “Camelot” being a possible new one. How often does this happen with counties? I found the example of Broomfield County, CO, but it’s little more than a city that was pissed about being in so many counties. Are there any newer, actual counties? Also, are there any on the horizon? Or, are there any counties that are thinking about merging in the future?

There has been talk of the north Fulton suburbs of Atlanta splitting off into their own county (actually a reforming of Milton county, which was absorbed into Fulton after it went bankrupt in the early 30s), but no real action as yet.

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Has there been serious talk about that, 3waygeek? I know the issue comes up occasionally, but it’s sort of like Sandy Springs becoming it’s own city - lots of talk, but nothing ever really happens.

Nothing too serious with respect to Milton county, unless you count the renaming of State Bridge Road to Old Milton Parkway a few years back :wink:

On the Sandy Springs front, there’s been quite a bit in the AJC in the last week or two; seems they’ve got a new bill they’re pitching to the state legislature, bypassing Atlanta and Fulton county.

There is a movement for the eastern half of Suffolk county, NY, to break off and form Peconic County. However, the hurdles make it unlikely.

Yeah, I’ve been watching that since I live in Sandy Springs. Of course, I’m out of here in 2 months, so it doesn’t really matter - even though it will still be interesting to follow online. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Other than Broomfield County, Colorado, the newest one I know of is La Paz County, Arizona, carved out of Yuma County in 1983.

Alaska has boroughs rather than counties, and I believe some new boroughs have been created in the last ten years or so.

The antelope valley has wanted to split off from la county and become north la county It would run from about valencia/newhall to the kern county

But since the fire and police and most public services are contracted from la county its too expensive at the moment

I don’t think there are very many changes in counties going on, although in North Carolina some barrrier islands were transferred from one county to another, at their request, a couple of years ago. Also, I think it was in the 1950s, some cities consolidated with their respective counties in southeast Virginia, with the city boundaries now occupying the whole county.