county banned?

I tried to be vague in GQ about this, but pretty much figure it can only be answered here.

It seems county was banned last night or yesterday afternoon. I tried a search of recent posts but didn’t see any mod posts telling him he was banned. Any ideas? I know he rubbed some the wrong way (including me) which is what really has me nervous. :eek:

In this thread. See Lynn’s comment after county’s last post.

I see, I thought the mod response was to say banned in the response. Heh, learned something new, my day isn’t a total waste. (Now where the hell is that job paper thingie?)

WTF? Saying, in essence, “The Civil Rights movement of the 60s encountered many of the same problems as gays do now” constitutes Being A Jerk?

I think we have added an entry to the “Arbitrary Bannings for No Reason Besides Lynn Bodoni Is Feeling Cranky” Top Ten List.

Or is it becoming the rule that “Thou Shalt Not Disagree With Any Gay Doper”?

This sucks. county rubbed me the wrong way often enough. But this is unjust.

And a proactice “Fucko Off” to anyone who tells me “this is their messageboard - they can do whatever they want blah blah blah.”

Unless we’ve got a Mod’s word on it, we don’t know how many times the guy was warned. One time too many, I guess.

County had a long history of being a complete and total asshat, duffer. I’m just surprised it took this long.

I’m inclined to agree. Maybe it was just the straw that broke the camels back or something, but posting that comment in a rancorous pit thread really doesn’t seem all that bad. Especially when, one post earlier, a different moderator engaged him on what he’d said without mentioning any rule violation. Seems kind of like a mixed signal.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m not crying over his passing…

He was basically the catalyst in Zenster’s banning lo those many months ago. That’s not to say that Zenster didn’t earn his banning, but county’s forever immortal cooments about parking in fire lanes and beating strikebreakers with axe handles put him on the “This Guy’s Toast” Official Ban Watch a long time ago.

I’m only surprised it took this long.

I know, he pissed me off as many times as he had me agreeing with him. Which is why I’m nervous. I’ve had posts where I would have taken “asshat” and left being happy.

Of course, I don’t know what warnings he may have received in the past, so I’m not going after the mods. For all I know he’s had a long list of warnings, or he was cut off. Not up to me. But if Lynn wants to elaborate, I’d love to know what to avoid. But I expect she won’t, since doing so would only open county-haters to come in and pile on without him defending himself.

yes, I know to check the ATSDMB for rules

To the 2? :dubious: (yes, I know you 2 are married) posters before the last reponse I made, they were made before I hit submit. Just for the record.

If it’s worth anything (sorry county, if you’re here in some form I’m probably not helping) I’ll miss him. Like I said I either sat here nodding my head or screaming at the monitor. Depending on post.

I just really don’t see what was so horrible about what he said. Sure, it was harshly worded…but it was said in the Pit after all. Things are supposed to be harshly worded there.

This isn’t the first time I have seen someone have problems…uh, relating to other posters and then get banned for something relatively innocuous (I guess it wasn’t).

It seems that usually when someone gets banned it’s because they make a post specifically being an asshole. I really doubt county thought he would be banned for making a point. A point that I got.

I really don’t see what past behavior has to do with anything, although I see that’s how things work around here. “You were being a jerk one day and I told you to stop, and now you say something that could be seen as kind of jerky…so you’re outta here.”

No, I don’t know what went on “behind the scenes”, but I haven’t seen anything that county did that was any worse than what our more blunt posters say everyday.

Is that a bannable offense now (bluntness)? If you don’t sugarcoat what you say, that is being a jerk?

If that’s what got him banned, it’s possible the most puny banning I’ve yet had the misfortune to witness.

He was being a jerk, but I don’t think he was Being a Jerk, if you see what I mean. It was a stupid, asshattish comment, but not ban-worthy, IMHO.

Hey, pal, don’t blame this on me. I never liked the nimrod, but his banning was not my fault. Besides, if the rule is “Thou Shalt Not Disagree With Any Gay Doper,” the this board would be empty because even the gay Dopers disagree with each other frequently.

Agreed. You and I disagree on just about every conceivable issue, but you will always find me your ally on questions dealing with the freedom of expression.

I’m sorry, which two? I’m not married to AirmanDoors. He’s married to MsRobyn, I’m married to Weirddave.

Fuck, I must have gotten metacom mixed up with MsRobyn somehow.I have no idea how that happened. Full apologies Ginger, reduce last post to relevant post-replies.

Ohh, look at the pink elephants :smiley:

I made three posts to this thread. The post I made accidentally under Robin’s name was quickly deleted, as was the one I made apologizing for the error.

Shit! The Pink elephants are real?!? :smack:

Now I’m really fucked.

Ginger, retraction retracted. You evil siren, you.

Regardless of history, this banning is just plain wrong. It reveals Lynn as having a hard on for county because of his views and powertripping by squashing his irritable posts with the flick of a finger. I doubt there was any consultation with other mods in applying for a banning in this case.

This is sad.

My condolences. :smiley:

I couldn’t stand County, yet that was the weakest ban I’ve seen. I’m sure there are other things I’m not aware of, and this was the final nail in the coffin, but damn, that’s one weak nail.

That’s a shame. When county was on, he was one funny motherfucker.

I didn’t think he was being a jerk in that thread. Hopefully he’ll lie low, send carefully worded apology that’s not really an apology to the admins and get reinstated.