Coup (AKA "simply effecting a National Democratic Project ... with peaceful aplomb") in Zimbabwe

Story here:

Hilarious Twitter feed here

One Zimbabwean I work with considers this a great thing, and she says from what she’s heard from home, it’s not too chaotic or anything.

It looks like the army is going with a “let Bob go into that good night, blame that devil-woman” strategy, and apparently the recently-deposed vice-Pres is now in charge.

The Twitter account is hilarious and I’ve seen it all over in the past day, but it might be fake. :frowning:

Do they need help moving money out of the country?


I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of those sweet $100 trillion notes. All you need is one, and it’s like, eat your heart out, Jeff Bezos!

Not these days Im afraid. But you can still pick up bond notes,a form of play-play money; locals will readily accept real money, such as dollars for them.