Couple of things about the recent terror attack...

Firstly, I think the media needs to come up with a suitably emasculating nickname for him. “Shoe Bomber” was sort of descriptive, but not embarrassing enough. The BBC seem to be calling him the “Jet bomber”, which is way too macho and impressive-sounding. Preferably something that even his Al Qaeda buddies would use to tease him, should he ever see them again.

How about “panty bomber”? “Trouser terrorist”? “Crotch warrior”? I bet others on here could come up with something more creative; who knows, we might be able to spread a meme!

Secondly: I think that instead of all the media attention on the terrorist, we should spend more time praising the hero that saved a plane full of people. I don’t think I’d have had the balls to do what Jasper Schuringa did.

Do we know what kind of underpants he was wearing? Could he be the “Tighty Whitey Warrior”?

“Ball-less Bomber”?
“Crotch Creep”?

I’ve taken to calling him the “Underoos Bomber.”

The Skidmark Sleeper?
The Nigerian Nut Nuker?
The Mujahedeen of Man-Bits?
The Junk Jihadist?

Ball Burner

Underoos Umar

Umar the Unmanned

Umar “Oh Allah That Hurts” Abdulmutallab

Abu Myballsoff

Mr. Fruit of the Booms?

Exiled Underpants Gnome? (Step 1: Blow up underpants. Step 2: ??? Step 3: OW OW OW OW OW)

Great Balls of Fire Bomber?

The Scalded Scrotum

The Taint Terrorist

Mr. Teste

Fall Down and Gonad Boom

These are great! I’m cracking up here. Keep 'em coming.

Not so much a nickname, but more of a headline: “Boom goes the tighty-whites”.

Reference for those not familiar with it.

My friend referred to him as the “crotch botcher” since he botched up his plans.

C’mon, it was Christmas, I’m suprised no one else came up with this first…

The Chestnut Roaster!

Mr. Noballs
The crotchless terrorist
Mr. I’m so screwed, but I can’t

Reminds me of the 7/7 attacks in London - they were dubbed the 7/7 bombers.

If they’d waited 17 more days they’d have been dubbed the 24/7 bombers, which would be much more impressive-sounding. But I guess they weren’t the smartest bunch in the first place. (And of course, they were murdering scum that don’t deserve a cool nickname, but seems they could have thought of it.)

Dynamitey-tighty-whities has a certain ring to it.

I missed a really easy one here… The 'Nad Bomber

Other options:
I Bin Emasculated
The man in the Levi’s 4321s
The Bathroom Blaster

pyrogenital something

Didn’t BoingBoing already dub him “Captain Fizzlypants”?

I think “underwear bomber” is probably the most likely to catch on, as a parallel with “shoe bomber”.

He did have a brief career.

Liar, liar. (You know, pants on fire).

Darn, you beat me to it!