Couples Costume Ideas

This will be the first year I have ever had a boyfriend who is not only willing but eager to go out and celebrate Halloween with me. We want some sort of couples costumes but we are having trouble coming up with ideas. Since my boyfriend shaves his head and I have long red hair I think it would be cute if he went as Charlie Brown and I went as the little red haired girl, but you never really see her in the strip and Charlie Brown’s relationship with the other female characters doesn’t lend itself to the matching costume idea. So far we have kind of bandied about the idea of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf and possibly Dorothy and the scarecrow but nothing has jumped out at me yet and said, “THIS is what you should be for Halloween!”

What would you recommend for a couples Halloween costume? The more creative the better!

Chang and Eng Bunker. Use Velcro for potty breaks.

Sonny & Cher- but flip the genders.

Famous red heads: Elizabeth I (he could be Daddy Henry 8, or Lord Dudley), Lizzie Borden (he could be her dad, post whacking of course- you could wear a “Don’t Even Ax” button), Erzebet Bathory (I doubt he’d be willing to go as the blood of a virgin though), Willow from Buffy (he could be Xander or Tara).

Ooh ooh! You guys would be naturals for Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas!

Oh, I like Charlie Brown and the Little Red Haired Girl. He could follow you around all night trying to give you a Valentine. :slight_smile:

Find a couple with a Hispanic man and a blonde woman and go as Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel.

Did this one year w/ SIL (Ethel), bf (Fred), and a friend (Ricky). It was a hit!

Red hair, huh? Well, stealing the idea from Wayne’s World, you could go as a brick, and he could go as a bricklayer.

I like the idea about Jack and Sally! I also like the Ricardos and the Mertzes but I don’t know anyone who fits that bill. I do know a few gay guys that would probably love to dress up as Ricky and Ethel though so it might happen. :slight_smile:

Dress him up like a salt shaker (draw or stick black dots on his pate or have him wear a metal colander for a hat), and you dress up like a Duracell (coppertop, heh!) C cell (or AA, if you’re thin).

You’re assault and battery.

HA! I love it!

You probably don’t want to go this far in the “little kid” direction, but one of my favorite Halloween duos ever was my two daughters (ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2) dressed as the hat-wearing yellow dog and red dog from the Dr. Seuss book Go Dog Go.

You know, the ones who reappear throughout the book… the red one keeps asking if the yellow one likes her hat… he keeps saying “No, I do not like that hat,” until the very end, when she has on the enormous crazy hat with flowers, flags, streamers, and all kinds of other stuff sticking out of it?

Yeah, that was cute.

Once my husband was “The Exorcist” and I was Reagan, from the movie. He just had on a priest costume and I wore a nightgown, and used makeup to make scars on my face. What made it great was that I put mascara on my teeth to make them all filthy. I also put wax in my hair to make it look greasy and stringy. I looked so disgusting.

You could be the characters from Eternal Sunshine from a Spotless Mind. You - Clementine, him - Joel. The costumes are simple. You could just use a little more red spray on hair color. This works for Halloween IMO because the idea of losing your memories is SCARY.

I had a Willy Wonka Halloween once. I was Veruca Salt (made the costume myself) and my husband was Willy Wonka. Lots of people who came to the party dressed as the other characters.

Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland?

edit: the old standard of post shooting JFK and Jackie. You get to wear a pill box hat!

OH you want costume ideas for leaving the house.
Sorry, can’t help you there.

I was thinking about dressing up as Medusa, and I simply cannot convince my husband to go as Perseus. Oh, well. We just won’t match.

Hmm… if you gave him a wig, you could go as Fred and Wilma Flintstone, maybe. Or Pippi Longstocking and Mr. Nilsson, which I like more.

Get some construction paper and form it into a tube big enough to fit on your head. Glue cotton balls all over it then spray paint it blue. Wear it on your head. Wear a green strapless dress and a string of pearls.

Have your BF stop shaving for a couple of days, then use a magic marker to draw a few strands of hair on his head. Blue pants and a white short sleeve shirt for him, with a little padding to make him look fat.


Red hair + shaved head? Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks. You get extra points for the whole pedophilia vibe on that one too.

Penelope Pitstop and Hood Claw

How about Micky and Mallory Knox? From Natural Born Killers? That would be cool.

I kind of like this idea, though it might be a little weird for people to see Annie and Daddy Warbucks making out and I have no interest in ever referring to my boyfriend as “daddy” in any way, shape, form or fashion.

If you can come up with something that works both at home and out and about I’ll send you a pie of your choosing. :wink:

That reminds me of the time my girlfriend (now wife) and I went to a party as Major Nelson and Jeannie. She called me “Master” all night, including, you know, after the party. Best night ever.

Bono and the Edge
John McCain and Sarah Palin