Court Rules Against Socks

Found this on Volokh today, though the opinion is from 2014. A Florida district court found that creating sock puppets is an action that can be enjoined. From the opinion:

And from the article:

Even the Florida court bans socks.

I thought Socks died.

If you’re Florida, socks should be banned. Especially with sandals.

But circuit-level gateways need SOCKS! What will Florida do…oh, you mean regular socks? Oh.

If the state of Florida is going to ban socks, sports teams and heavy sweaters are going to complain now. And don’t get me started on the vacationers from Florida that need to go to a cooler climate, they’re going to have frostbite.

But I thought dark socks and sandals below shorts pulled up to the navel was the required uniform.

Sure, they worry about socks. But the real problem is all the violins in popular culture.

In retirement communities, yes. Elsewhere in the state it’s simply a marker for people you don’t want to be stuck behind in supermarket aisles or on single-lane roads.

All roads are single lane, some just have more of them.

If we would only dispose of those socks that have holes in them, there would be no more socks.

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But are Alts still okay? I only make Alts (not here, though, mods)