Re: Calling peoples trolls or sock puppets

In the late Minotaurus thread (I don’t feel I need to link to it) somebody says “I think you are a sock puppet”. This is different from calling troll, right?

I noticed the sock calling poster wasn’t admonished, but of course that could simply be that the mods can’t cover every thread, and I completely understand.

Could I please get a comment re calling posters socks? I thought this was verboten.

IANAMod, but I think the procedure to follow when encountering a possible sock is to report the person or post to the nearest, friendly mod and let them handle it, since a true sock puppet is a duplicate account for a single poster, and not allowed.

I understand that, been here a long time, but you can’t call a possible sock a sock in a thread either, right?

I think it is still pretty much frowned upon to call a possible sock out in a thread.

I’m going off this post in the ‘Troll-calling rule changed’ thread (sticky at the top of The Pit.)

Now I am confused. This post by a mod, Giraffe:

“At the same time, though, sock is not a forbidden word, so if you want to insult someone by calling them a december/Reeder sock, go right ahead. says it’s okay to call somebody a sock.”

(head explodes) I could find a bunch of posts by the PTB that say “don’t call somebody a sock!”

Check the date at the top of Giraffe’s sticky. It’s a relatively new rule change.

Thank you, I stand :smack:


And it only applies in the Pit. You still can’t call anyone a sock or troll elsewhere.

And remember, please, that name-calling is one thing and serious accusation is something else. In the Pit, you can call someone “troll” or “sock” or “idiot” or “not worth the spam they’re printed on” or whatever. However, it’s just name-callilng.

If you seriously think that someone is here only for trolling or spam or sock-puppetry, you need to report it to a Moderator.

Analogy: at a dinner conversation, you call someone a murderer because they eat meat. That’s just conversational, you’re not really accusing them of murder. If there was a police office at the party, you would not expect them to take action. That’s different from where you’ve actually witnessed a bloody assault and called the cops, that’s the serious accusation. We all clear on the diff?

Can we continue to insult the hell out of spambot threads and psuedospammers who join the boards? I do so enjoy that.

Well, sure, but if you do it in the thread they start, remember that it will be disappeared as soon as a Moderator sees it.

I have a long list of spammers that I would like you to disappear. Are you up to it?