Courtney Love's Daughter Taken Away!!!!

ROCKER Courtney Love’s daughter has been taken away from her after the star was charged with being under the influence of drugs.

Love went to an LA court try to prove she was fit to care for her daughter. She said she was ordered her to have a 72-hour evaluation to decide whether she was a danger to others.

“Cops and two ladies in white coats came to my house. I got jackbooted. They put a ping-pong ball in my mouth,” she claimed.

Child welfare authorities are investigating.

That required four exclamation marks? I’d say a laconic ellipses would have sufficed . . .

Yawn… Old news.

It used to be chromed.

Oh Eve!!!

Here is some up-to-date news:

Courtney will be on O’reilly Factor tonight 10/28.
He’s going to be talking about her custody battle. It’s on at 7:00pm CST.

Courtney Love…? On drugs…?

I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked.

Sad to say, the Bean is better off with anyone but Courtney raising her. Probably should have happened a long time ago.

Shouldn’t Frances have been taken away from Courtney Love, when it was revealed that she took/did Heroin while pregnant with Frances.

And in other news, the Pope wears a funny hat…

Finally. Not a surprise. But good for the kid.

Jesus, Frances looks so much like her mother at a young age. People who are close to them call her shy and “normal” though, which are not terms you’d ever hear used on Courtney.

A few posters on the board might be aware that my handle on the SDMB is due in part to my being quite a Foo Fighters fan.

I’ve met Dave Grohl about 3 times over the last 10 years - and he’s one of nature’s gentlemen - no two ways about it. And most admirably of all, he manages to stay impeccably discreet regarding all matters Courtney Love - which isn’t bloody easy - let me tell you.

And over the last 4 or 5 years Dave Grohl has had quite a few battles with Courtney Love over the running of the Nirvana estate - in particular the music catalogue.

Dave manages to stay quiet - somehow. And for a while there with the release of “Malibu” by Hole in 1998, Courtney Love was getting close to giving Dave a run for his money in terms of public exposure and critical acclaim.

However, with hindsight it became clear that Hole’s guitarist Eric Erlandson was actually the driving talent in the band, and the primary songwriter. Still, the band would have been able to stay together if it weren’t for Courtney’s extraordinarily scathing and volatile personality.

Hole’s bassist, Melissa Auf Der Meer has reported some frightening stories - as has Eric himself too.

And in particular, both Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic were utterly, 100% adamant that releasing last year’s “Greatest Hits” package by Nirvana just to exploit the lost song “You Know You’re Right” was the wrong thing to do - and to that end, Dave and Krist actually got involved in a very nasty court case which attempted to overrule, or at least diminish Courtney’s domineering and erratic ways with the administration of the Nirvana estate.

Now please note, that court case had nothing to do with Courtney’s wealth, or personal life, or her handling of young Frances - merely it revolved around the administration of the Nirvana estate.

Sadly, Courtney Love has stated many, many a time that Kurt Cobain WAS Nirvana, and that the other two guys aren’t entitled to a say at all, and that further, their contributions to Nirvana was minimal at best.

Well, anyone who knows anything about being a musician knows that that is one line you DON’T EVER cross - you never slag the musos who made the music - and Dave Grohl in particular has proven in the last 12 years what a superlative drummer he is - as well as a guitarist and singer and songwriter in the Foos too.

So all in all, the good oil is this… somehow Courtney has managed to squander her fortune. And more importantly, every bridge she has ever crossed she has then set alight with a “scorched earth policy” it seems. Her name in the industry is now worse than mud.

And through it all, Dave manages to stay quiet, and just zip his mouth. However… on one or two very discreet occasions he’s expressed how heartbroken he feels for young Frances. Anyone who’s a Nirvana fan will remember those lovely photos where Dave Grohl would nurse young baby Frances while Kurt and Courtney were off shooting up. Dave Grohl obviously has a very strong and loving attachment to Frances, and it cuts him up big time seeing how her life is unfolding - through no fault of her own.

Courtney Love needs to be sacked. People were sent to sack her before, but they failed to sack her, and so did the people sent to sack those who failed to sack Courntey Love. So, we’re also sending people to sack the people who were responsible for sacking those who failed to sack Courntey Love.

Yeah, I know. What’s the world coming to?

Hey Boo Boo Foo,

Damn- that guy really is talented.


Poor Frances, hope she does turn out okay whoever she winds up with, but being born to two drug addict parents won’t make it easy. Maybe her mom and dad’s messed up genes and traits will cancel each other out and the kid will pull through to be a good person. Even if Cobain had lived neither one seems like a suitable choice for a good parent

Judge: What is the state’s evidence that the defendent is unfit to care for her child?

State: Uh, she’s Courtney Love.

Judge: Case closed. Give the kid to the Amish.

[Gilbert Gottfried in Aladdin]
Oh, THERE’s a surprise! I’m about to have a heart attack, from not surprised!
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