Coverage of the Paralympics?

First check out this brilliant ad for the games from the UK’s Channel 4. Gives me chills everytime I see it

Channel 4 Paralympics - Meet the Superhumans.

Do other countries show much. Luckily I can watch Channel 4 so will see some at least.

Really looking forward to it. LOVED the Games in London and hope that the city/country will come out and support the next group of athletes to go for gold in their city.

think we’ll be getting a reasonable amount in australia on the govt station and its digital one… couldnt be any worse than what the commercial network dished up with the games

The last Paralympics was shown in the US on Universal Sports, which I think now is just NBC Sports or whatever they call it. I would guess they will show at least some of the events there. I’ll watch the same events if I happen to catch them as I did for the Olympics, which would be mostly swimming.

Universal Sports is a different channel from NBC Sports Network (which used to be Versus, and I think Outdoor Life Network before that). It may be its own channel now, but at one point, it was only available as a digital subchannel on NBC stations (which meant, among other things, that AT&T U-Verse refuses to carry it under its “we don’t carry subchannels” policy).

As for 2012, most of the coverage will be online. However, NBC Sports Network will have four one-hour shows (September 4, 5, 6, and 11, at 7 PM Eastern), and NBC will have a single 90-minute show covering the whole thing on September 16 at 2 PM Eastern. (The 90-minute show is how NBC usually covers the event; I remember the one from 2004.)

The online coverage will be on the “U.S. Paralympics” YouTube channel, consisting of 10 “video highlights packages” each day, as well as at