Covid booster shots, news and opinion

I just got a booster. Just before Christmas, the NZ government announced that the time period between 2nd shot and booster would drop from six months to four months in early January 2022. I’m sitting on five months, and news reports indicate that most vaccination sites started providing boosters to those 4 months out immediately. So I went to a local site on New Years Day, and 15 minutes later was out and boosted.

This means I have extra cover while we are taking a summer vacation and visiting family for the rest of January. The rest of the family will be eligible for boosters when we return from our trips away. We have had a couple of omicron scares after Christmas, but it looks like at least one of those may have been a false positive result from a historic case, and the other was contained in a family bubble (aircrew member and family). So we may have dodged the omicron bullet for a few more weeks.

My son-in-law (a physician) told me it looks like I’ll be eligible for a second booster/fourth vaccination on February 11 (my booster was on 9/11). He suggested that unless I contract COVID before that date I should get the second booster. (I’m on an immunosuppresive drug for Polymyalgia Rheumatica)

Anyone else looking into this?

I was looking into it for my mom until she caught covid. :frowning:

I’ve got an appointment for my second booster on the 18th.

So, you’ll be among the first?! Cool!

If a second booster (or fourth shot) for all folks over 65 was approved today, I’d be eligible on 1/17/22 - MLK day next week.

I’m on probably a similar drug for ulcerative colitis. I just emailed my doctor to see if I should get a fourth shot. The answer is probably, “no harm, may as well.”

I got my “booster” in August, when it was actually just a third full dose, so if I do get a fourth shot, it will be a true half-dose booster. Hopefully that means less of a reaction. It was certainly tolerable before, but no need to suffer if I don’t have to.

I’ll be in the next early group (diabetes etc.).

Judging just by the tales in this very thread, it seems to be all over the place. My half-dose Moderna booster (eight months after the first two) produced side-effects just a little bit worse than the original Moderna shots, which was still fairly mild.