The third jab of Pfizer

Got my Pfizer #3 dose today, one week shy of 8 months after my 2nd. I got it on the basis of being high risk medically and professionally. Snagged it at a local Walgreens, it took less than 15 minutes in the store, quite convenient.

I was somewhat ambivalent about getting a 3rd dose, knowing that I’m probably pretty well protected by my previous 2 doses and that lots of folks in the world hadn’t even had 1 dose.

But on the other hand, we’ve some data on delta’s invasion on a few select prisons, one being a federal facility in Texas. 79% of the inmates were vaccinated, and nearly half came down with delta, albeit mildly. Only one needed hospitalization. Many had viral loads indicating the ability to spread the delta. and of the unvaccinated, 95% of them got it, 3 were hospitalized, and one died. The unhospitalized unvaxed ones had more severe illness than the vaxed ones.

My facility is over 83% vaxed among the inmates at the moment but I still anticipate we’re going to get hit by delta. Vast majority of our inmates who had the infection (80% did) were pre-delta strain. I think a lot of them may get delta before this is over, and I expect I’ll be getting exposed to a lot of them.

So I want to be as immune as possible, for my own health, for my family’s health, and to reduce my risk of passing it to others. Besides, 10 million doses in this country went wasted; my turning one down will not help the unvaccinated who want a dose.

Anyone else getting/got the 3rd jab of Pfizer yet? How were the side effects?

Planning to get mine - I ticked over six months since my last jab on the 23rd of this month, so just four days ago. Plan to get it at the pharmacy of the store where I work (it’s where I got the first two). Went grocery shopping today, but they were, apparently, all out (there has been a steady influx of vaccine seekers there).

Think I’ll get it Thursday if I can, as I have Friday off in which to take it easy if I’m not 100% and it’s a great excuse to watch Netflex, Disney+, argue on internet message boards, and play video games.

Since I get coughed on by 200-300 people a day when running a cash register and some members of the public have appalling personal hygiene I figure I’m at some risk. I don’t want to get sick. I also don’t want to accidentally spread covid to anyone.

When I get it I’ll drop by and report.

Can you talk about the process? Did you need a prescription, or was it otherwise any different than the first two? Did the pharmacist ask any questions?

Filled out a standard medical form for vaccinations, filled out a form verifying I qualified under the new CDC/FDA guidelines for the booster, and got it. No charge, no prescription. Just like the first two. Pharmacist knew me, my urgent prescriptions for my patients get filled there rather than our own central pharmacy. So we chatted about that.

Got my third two weeks ago. I had a fever that evening, but it didn’t stop me from going out and celebrating. I was irritable the next day, a pain to be around. Third day all was back to normal.

Scheduled mine for tomorrow. Got my second shot the first week of February. Teacher, so qualify for occupational risk. My honest concern is that if they approve Pfizer for 6-12 soon, shots will be really hard to find

All of the objection to third ‘booster’ doses that I’ve seen as contributing to the domestic vaccine acceptance problems seem to just gloss over the fact that we’ve wasted an enormous amount of vaccine sending to places that aren’t using it. Getting populations in developing countries vaccinated is another issue but that is really a totally different pool of vaccines. I think ‘booster’ doses to vulnerable people, especially those who with unavoidable high occupational exposure, and especially first responder and medical personnel who are already overworked and understaffed. I also suspect that the ‘booster’ is actually part of what should be a three or four vaccine series, but since we’re doing the long-term efficiency studies in real time, we don’t actually know what it takes to get robust, long-lasting immunity or what the optimum vaccination schedule should be.

How was your response to the third shot in comparison to the second?


Here in Ontario booster shots are not currently being scheduled for the general population. The official booking page requires you to specify whether you’re booking your first or your second shot. There is an official guidance document on the third-shot boosters that currently recommends it only for the immunocompromised and for “vulnerable elderly in high-risk congregate settings”. I would imagine that certain medical personnel such as the OP would also qualify.

4.5 hours after the dose, I’ve noticed no side effects at all.

That was my reaction to my second dose (Pfizer) – pretty much nothing. Not even a sore arm.

First dose resulted in a sore arm after a couple of hours and the sort of feeling the next day that had me spend much of the day in bed.

For some reason I read your post as you having received it yesterday.


Stranger things have happened.


Got Pfizer #3 today. The pharmacist said most of the appointments today were local medical personnel ( just went to the CVS across the street from work). I did notice that while they told me to bring ID, they never asked for it. I could have brought in anyone’s vaccination card and had it signed off on.

My wife got Pfizer #3 today, just a few days past the six month mark. I’ll probably get it in early to mid October. We both have qualifying conditions.

Got my Pfizer #2 on March 11, so I should qualify for #3. I need to find out where and when I can get it; I got my first two through UNC Medical, but I think I can make an appointment with CVS now.

Later this week. I’d have waited but I’m back in the classroom. If it’s like the last two, I’ll have a fever and very low energy for 3 days.

I will get my third Pfizer on the exact six month anniversary of my second which will be mid next month. This isn’t like earlier in the year when they were hand to mouth on vaccines. If it’s anything like last time, they aren’t going to ask for proof of being qualified so I am just going to get it.

I got Pfizer #3 this morning. As with the first two, I got an email from the UTMedicine system where all of my doctors practice directing me to an automated signup page. It’s been 7 months since shot #2.

I chose an 8 am appt time today (there were lots of signup times spread over several days) and got there early. People were getting shots #1, 2, or 3. By the time I left there were maybe 50 people in line.

I had no side effects from any of the three shots. I had a flu shot last week and that one made my arm sore. Today’s shot not at all. Glad to have it over with. And grateful.

I got Moderna, as I had Moderna for the first two. Walgreens is making booster shots with Moderna available, even though they haven’t been officially recommend by the CDC yet. I answered some routine questions about my underlying conditions and filled out my doctor’s contact info and was out on 15 minutes.

I just got mine and scheduled through CVS. I teach, so I checked the box for high-risk occupation. When I got there, the pharmacist didn’t even ask for an ID, just my vaccination card. They also offer a flu shot at the same time, so I got both. Flu arm not sore. Covid arm sore. No other side effects.