When should I get my next Covid Vaccination?

So I started off with J&J, then Moderna, then Pfizer. I hear of a new vaccine that’s either coming out, or already out. My last shot was 9/19/22. I already got my flue shot for the year. I’m 43 years old this November. I never got Covid that I know of.

Given all of this information, When should I get that satisfying arm jab? Should I wait a little while because of my age?

Thank you for your input.

Also, what’s the name of the new and improved formula?

Why do you think you should “wait a little because of your age”? If it’s a year since your last shot, you should get it right away.



If you have not received a COVID-19 vaccine in the past 2 months, get an updated COVID-19 vaccine to protect yourself this fall and winter.

The latest vaccine is monovalent, modified to be particularly effective against the currently circulating Omicron variant XBB.1.5. Just ask for Moderna or Pfizer, from now they will only be using the updated version. I think technically the names are “Comirnaty 2023-24 formula” and “Spikevax 2023-24 formula”, but nobody ever uses those names.

FDA Takes Action on Updated mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines to Better Protect Against Currently Circulating Variants | FDA

Here’s a good article by an epidemiologist. The short answer for you:

  • Under 65 and not high risk : Wait at least 6 months. Ideally, get vaccinated once a winter wave starts taking off. (Getting it by Halloween is a good bet.) This is what I will be doing with my family. But remember, we have very little/no protection against infection until we do. So, other layers of protection are especially needed.

I heard on the radio something about age. Thank you for the info!

Ah! Should I wait maybe 2 weeks? or get it now, since my last one was so long ago?

That’s not the short answer - it’s quite misleading to quote that out of context. That epidemiologist is talking about the optimum time to get vaccinated after infection or previous vaccination. OP has not knowingly been infected, and was last vaccinated a year ago. OP should get another shot as soon as possible.

Well the context was obvious to me, but you’re probably right that I shouldn’t have assumed it would be obvious to others or that they would read the article. That said, the doctor’s recommendation is not (necessarily) to get the new vaccine immediately, though there’s nothing wrong with doing so. She specifically says, “Ideally, get vaccinated once a winter wave starts taking off.”

To answer @MyFootsZZZ 's query and my interpretation of YLE’s guidance, if your everyday behavior is high risk (around lots of people) and/or you’re more risk averse, I would suggest getting the new vaccine ASAP. If you’re not around so many people and/or you can tolerate a bit more risk, wait a few weeks so that you are at maximum protection for the expected winter wave. Either course of action is justified and nothing is guaranteed.

To the contrary, she specifically said that the evidence supports

Maximum wait 8-12 months

So the suggestion that one might wait a little longer to be closer to a winter wave was implicitly premised on having last been infected/vaccinated 6-9 months ago. OP was last vaccinated a year ago.

Furthermore, none of that cited evidence about optimum vaccination interval takes into account the fact that the new version of the vaccine gives significantly better protection against the currently circulating variant.

Not sure where OP lives, but Health Canada recommends 6 months after the last Covid vaccine or infection

I chatted with an infectious disease specialist this summer (we vacation together) and i asked if he had any advise on when i should get the covid, flu, and RSV vaccines. He said, “yes, get everything you are eligible for as soon as you can.” I replied, " I’m planning to attend a big dance weekend in November, where it’s not practical to mask, and i was thinking of holding off getting the covid vaccine until a few weeks before that." And he replied, “That’s probably a good idea”.

The doctor who wrote the article linked above also talks about the costs and benefits of timing your fall vaccine around risky events you might have planned, and she, also, says that can be a good strategy, especially if you aren’t at much risk until then.

If @MyFootsZZZ has some particular point when their risk will be highest, they might want to wait until closer to it. (Immunity probably peaks 3 weeks after the injection, and stays elevated for at least a few months.) If they don’t, then now is fine, as it’s been about a year since their last exposure.


CVS.com made it look like they had the newest vaccine available, so I scheduled appointments for us to get them for tomorrow morning. We were all set to roll up our sleeves and to feel icky the next day. But we just got emails saying that they had none in stock (despite what the website said), and that we had to reschedule.

Crap. We wanted to vaxxed up a good three weeks ahead of a road trip we’re to make in October. I hope the vaccines become available in the next week or two. I’m going to start checking CVS.com at 2 a.m. (I’m an insomniac), just like I did when the very first shots came out, and see if I can’t land an appointment at the earliest possible time.

I think it’s just temporary distribution problems, and there will be vaccine available in a couple of days. I’m not sure their appointment system will be up to date, though.

Just figured I toss this in here as the most appropriate and recent thread.

I’d been watching for the most current COVID vaccine options, because I wanted to get it in late September and get my flu shot at the same time. Each time, like your experience, it showed options for it, but kept getting an error “Due to distribution problems not available at this location at this time”.

Finally, I said screw it, because I didn’t want to wait longer, and went ahead to schedule my flu vax at least 10/6/2023 at the “little clinic” inhouse at the local Kroger supermarket. And as I go to sign in, I went ahead and clicked the COVID 19 vax as well as I had done every week for 3 weeks. And lo and behold, they confirmed availability! So I’m just past my weekend of getting a COVID and Flu vaccine with the usual mild symptoms: Tired, and about 12 hours of mild fever the day after.

So might be worth rechecking for all.

So now I have one more booster under my skin. Cominarty Omicron.XBB.1.5, and naturally the flu too. Now to wait for whatever side effects will turn up.

One reason to try to get it now, for those who are still waiting, is that there is talk of a General Pharmacy Worker strike, which might complicate things in a couple weeks.

Huh, good to know.

I just got the novavax covid vaccine at Costco, along with seasonal flu vaccine.

So far, my arm is a little sore, as expected. I’m curious how I’ll feel tomorrow.

I just got mine today after hearing that. I had been procrastinating for no good reason, but then heard about the potential strike today. So I called up and asked if they could do a walk-in for today. She said they were dead all day(hidden behind road construction) and to come on in. So flu and Moderna shots it was.

I forgot my vaccine record card, which still had one more open line. I’m fairly certain the cards don’t really do anything anymore, but I’m kind of annoyed because I dug it out, set it on the desk, went to the other room to grab my phone, and completely forgot about the card in less than 6 seconds(stupid brain) as I walked out back by the desk.

I made no effort to bring my card, and no one asked for it.

We got the new booster yesterday, and much the same – forgot the cards, but weren’t asked for them. The person getting vaccinated before us did have her card, and the pharmacist did make notation on the card for her.

I had booked an appointment for a city run clinic yesterday morning and picked up my 85 year old mother only to find that there was a power outage and the clinic was cancelled. My wife and I ended up booking a same day appointment at a nearby drug store for both XBB and flu, so we’re done for now.

Both of us are feeling moderately lousy, my wife more than I am.